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  1. need right side or pass side headlight motor if works?
  2. Thanks tdman for the information on how to post a pic. Larry
  3. Thanks to everyone helping me with this problem. Start getting all my GM parts tomorrow, and start replacing everything starting with the timing chain. Again thanks Larry
  4. Thanks Alex Went autozone just to see how a new magnet looks but didn't have one. Have a a part # for a GM but my part # no good. Going all GM parts this monday, and doing full boat. Timing chain, water pump and ect. Only question: What puller using to get the crankshaft pulley off?
  5. Sorry about another post. Not able to post this pic. This what i found after removing the timing cover. What i can see looks light a box has one end broken off, and at bottom i guess the magnet. Its square with small hole in the center. Just wondering if i should try the timing sensor first? before replacing the magnet?
  6. Need step by step on how to add a photo. Thanks
  7. Thanks daves 89 for the comments. Type of person when comes to vehicles if breaks or doesn't work not able to leave it. But after driving it again this morning finally got a code: E041 cam sensor circuit. I have a service manual but after reading the diagnostic this is above my head. Can anyone advise me on what to check or look for or should i just replace it and hope it corrects the service engine soon light.
  8. Sat. morning Replaced every vacuum hose i could find same problem. Replaced the gas cap. Nope CRT screen Get this: States no malfuncations. No codes at all. Little orange light is still on.
  9. This is what i noticed after driving the car this afternoon. When comming to a stop, and stopping the rpm's are dropping very slow from 1200rpm's to 650 then 700 rpm's stays there. I replaced the tpc again under warranty and no change rpm drops very slow then levels out around 700. My MPG is excellent getting 27 or better on the expressway at 65mph during a 40 mile trip this morning with the service engine light on. Checked all the connections on the icm, bcm, and also the harness the plugs into the coils.
  10. no one here has a suggestion??
  11. Service engine soon light. Thought had all my problems solved. Nope Items replaced last 10 months. Oil Pan Gasket TPC-----GM EGR-----GM Plugs Plug wires ECM-----GM Prom----GM Thermostat----GM Manifold Gaskets-----GM Injesctors---cleaned, and calabrated Oxygen sensor------GM Before i could take the ground cable off the battery and would re-set worked fine for 2 months. Put gas in last night getting on expressway full throttle up to about 75mph service engine soon light came on. No codes on ecm or bcm. But states electrical. This time removing the battery cable doesn't work. Can anyone give
  12. Remember the months, and money i spent on replacing everything and had the same results. Used seafoam helped alot pulling it thru the throttle body but then i remembered this old mechanic at gm that used a bottle of water sucking it thru the carb. In my case sucked it thru the throttle body about 4 oz, and engine is still smooth.
  13. If anyone has a good headlight motor, and bell crank for sale let me know. Part # for motor 16507164 RH Think part # for bell Crank is 16507168 not for shure. Thanks
  14. Found, and corrected the problem. Thanks
  15. Made it for about 3 months no problems. Tonight filled up with gas, and the engine soon light came on. Gas cap is tight No ECM codes Light stays steady. Where do start looking for the problem??? Thanks Larry
  16. Being a Reatta owner i have never seen a Reatta that came with a aluminium top that came on very select Buick Reatta's. But we have one now. Check e-bay item # 180138124249
  17. Reatta for sale on E-bay item # 290129720829 buy now $70,000. If prices are going up like that i will never sell my reatta. Someone tell be i didn't read the price wrong.
  18. After receiving the window motor Fri. and checking the rivets decided to use the old nut, and bolt application. Back together today, and work perfect.
  19. After receiving the window motor Fri. and checking the rivets decided to use the old nut, and bolt application. Back together today, and work perfect.
  20. Thanks Padget. Already replaced the drivers door motor last year. The company did confirm the rivets did come with the new motor, and would like to use them if poss.
  21. If you go to www.directauto.com the window does come with 5 new rivets, and also bolts, nuts, washers. They did confirm the rivets come with the motor but didn't know the size. Go to eBay type in 280123335717 same company see for your self the hardware that comes with the motor. Thanks
  22. Hello Does anyone know the size of the rivets that come with a new window lift motor? Pass window motor went south, and had to order a new motor, but company doesn't know the size of 5 rivets that comes with the new motor. Thanks
  23. check fuel pump relay. Make shure it is the correct relay for the pump. Then ck fuel pressure.
  24. Ok school me. What is a variable orifice? Why consider the variable over the standard? Thanks
  25. Found the orifice tube location page 1B1-14 of service manual. Need to know if this line has to be cut or does it have a fitting? Compressor has a slow leak so changing over to 1-134. Replacing the compressor, accumulator, and orifice tube, then having the system checked for leaks, and r-134 replaced. Those interested for $313.00 free shipping get new delco compressor, orifice tube, and accumulator from www.discountacparts.com ask for Dara 1-800-398-3128.
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