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  1. Hello I have a bladder little smaller, but hold air. Give you size later today. If interested $10.00 plus shipping.
  2. You stated the car has been sitting for 3 yrs. How much gas was in the tank? Add some seafoam to the gas. Gas sitting that long could becomes lacquer, or varnish, and could present starting problem. Anyone disagree? Larry
  3. Hello Does anyone know the part number for the relay chime located on right side of the glove compartment? Any other buicks have this relay? Thanks Larry
  4. Your right DTerry had a buch of gremlins. But going to catch one sooner or later.
  5. Did a search back to over 1 yr, and not able to find anyone else with a code 065. Tried this morning to reset or removed the code using the crt. Still there. Even changed the egr with my neighbors car still had the light, and code. Replace my egr still had the light, and code. Removed the ground from the battery for 10 minutes started car light, and code gone. Drove over 50 miles today, and still good. Will someone please explain why this occurs or maybe the problem will re-appear???
  6. Has anyone had a code 065?? Service manual states EGR related. Any suggestions??
  7. Can anyone give me any directions on the code 065???
  8. Spent 2 days last week installing a cam magnet, new gears,chain,cam sensor, cranksensor, waterpump to get rid of E-042. On the expressway today everything looking good, and out of no where came the service engine soon light again. Now I have a 065 code. Checked the service manual it may be the egr. Any suggestions of comments. Retired on this end but this is getting out of hand. Thanks Larry
  9. Does anyone have a e-mail address for jim finn? Need to purchase a part.
  10. My 89 is back on the road again without the E-041 code. Running smooth, and no leaks or codes. Everything new from both sprockets forward including new waterpump. Like to thank everyone that gave advise on how to break loose the harmonic ballancer bolt. The starter trick works great. Larry
  11. Kenny Removed the 2 bolts holding the bracket, and housing was stuck. The bracket would not come off thecenter pin after two hrs had to break the bracket to remove the housing getting to the sprockets, and replacing the magnet. Purchased a complete unit, and need to know the process of right distance. In the directions states 0.030 between the sensor, and vanes.
  12. Starter trick worked this morning. Got everything back together, but not sure how a matchbook is used to get the right distance from the crank shaft position sensor, and the fins on the back of the harmonic balancer?? Did have some play on the timing chain, and had no magnet at all. replaced everything from the sprockets forward including a new waterpump.
  13. Bob great illustration we shold keep this on up.
  14. No effect using 3/4" and a 1/2" impact. At this point have no other means than try the starter trick tomorrow morning. Let everyone know the outcome.
  15. Tell me where place the breaker bar? Under the frame toward the firewall?
  16. No was was kidding about this bolt that holds th balancer on. Used a impact with 160 pressure nothing. Used a breaker bar by hand with my neighbor nothing. This eveining, and tonight use penetrating oil. and tomorrow morning going to use the starter trick. If that doesn't work guess give up.
  17. Where a list of items that I'am replacing due to a damaged or lost magnet. 1.WaterPump 2.Camshaft interrupter-magnet 3.Camshaft position sensor 4.Timing set this includes timing chain, and 2 sprockets 5.Timing damper 6. Gasket set Hope this helps.
  18. Thanks for the info viking. To remove the 24mm from the harmonic balancer is it left or right. Left is to loosen right is to tighten. Just not sure about this bolt.
  19. Gm dealer will remove the water pump, harmonic balancer to replace the magnet. Timing chain will stretch with age, and milage. If they are going that far into the engine replace it now, not later. Later will cost you more money. Doing same thing myself starting Fri morning, but replacing both timing gears, and chain, waterpump. If plan on keeping it do a waterpump also.
  20. Checked back 1 year in search, and ck service manual. Going to start surgery on my 89 this Fri. looking for size of bolt in center of balancer. Also does anyone know if right hand or left hand to remove. Standard applications is right to tighten, left to remove. Doing hole thing while have it down to just replace the magnet. The E-041 nightmare. Thanks Larry
  21. This list i have to do a cam sensor replacement. If missed anything let me know. 1.Water Pump 2.Water Pump Gasket 3.Camshaft Interrupter Magnet 4.Camshaft Position Sensor 5.Timing chain 6.Timing Cover Gasket 7.Timing Damper Hope this is everything???
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