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  1. I agree with Tammy. Since the purchase of my reatta five years ago this site has been extremely helpful. Each day I check this site at least two time a day. This forum critcism, and sentence structure, grammar has me at the point of leaving this site. Maybe we should submit all new replys have them proof read let them submit the corrected version.
  2. Calling GM the correct name listed as (Driveline Absorber) part # 1646998.
  3. Does anyone have a old GM part Number?? What is this shock called? 1.Harmonic engine shock? 2. Torque strut dampener? Thanks
  4. Back in heated garage till end of April. I will give it a better test like you stated. Have a question on a full tank of gas how many miles? When filled it up today the crt stated when full 258 miles on a full tank.
  5. I have the original window sticker and it states 28mpg highway. This is all flat interstate and as you can see from the photo it reads 31.6 mpg Just hope it continues.
  6. Nice day in Louisville, KY took it out for a short spin, and was impressed with the mpg. Guess with all the help from this forum, and replacing just about everything paid off.
  7. Would any other buick mirror motors work??
  8. Thanks appreciate that. Get chance to talk with the previous owner??
  9. Did a search for left, and right exterior mirror motors and found these part numbers. 3636511 left side 3636510 right side Are these numbers any good? Does any other buick use the same mirror motors? Thanks Larry
  10. KDirk If still have my cell number give me a call. Monday evening at Autozone this guy came over, and started talking about my reatta. Then he started talking about his reatta he just traded in. Next question I had was it white, and traded at SamSwope? Answer was yes. I have his name, and cell number if your interested. He also spoke of everything he had replaced. Might be of interest to you. Larry
  11. Nice meeting you at the buick dealership. Hope you got it home ok. Let us know. Larry
  12. Same problem here last year. Placed a order for thermostat, and rubber o-ring that fit around the outside of the thermostat from buick dealership. It would not fit. Took a look at the old thermostat, and the rubber gasket was smaller, and placed on top of the thermostat. Used the old rubber gasket, no leaks for past year.
  13. Bhigdog I told my wife the same thing. Take your pick the 89 reatta or the 94 ss impala. Just make sure the keys are in the ignition might want to take a spin.
  14. If the infomation in this story has convinced you to run out and pick up a Reatta, tow it home a put it up on blocks under a fuzzy electric blanket and Car Capsule bubble pack... good for you! Here’s one more bit of statistical trivia to help you find the Reatta of your dreams. We’ve already established that the model of choice is the 1991 convertible. Here, direct from the Reatta Craft Center production file folder, is a breakdown of colors for the 305 convertibles produced: 110 were Artic White; 88 were Bright Red; 44 were Black; 23 were Bright Silver Poly; 22 were Maui Blue Poly; 13 were Ga
  15. Taken several of saabs. They are the same.
  16. Ok Howard let me set the record straight. Howard is not a freeloader, and never ask for any parts. Howard has spent lot of time regarding the problems I have in the past with my 89 reatta. I have always treated people the same as I am treated. Howard took time from his busy schedule to call me regarding on of my problems, and with his advise was able to correct the problem. So in return I had extra parts not needing them maybe the parts will help out howard problem. Not looking for anything in return. Maybe after being retired for 8yrs from lawinforcement maybe getting soft hart. Everyone
  17. Howard Shipped you 6 injectors, new box of injector seals,fuel rail modulator. Expected deliver date UPS 12/04/07 to the address you gave me. Ck your E-Mail for tracking number. Larry
  18. Howard Ck e-mail. Give me a call i have set of injectors, and new o-rings. (FREE)
  19. Was this one of the colors in 1989 for a reatta? On e-bay #270189365799
  20. Know someone stated when doing a upgrade to the 3 seperate coils the plug gap is different?? Did a search not able to find it. Everyone have good Thanksgiving.
  21. Tried for 1 day to remove the bolt with a impact. Never broke loose. Tried the starter trick broke loose first time.
  22. Guessing but front would most likely be the ones to check first due to weight on front end???
  23. Looking for advise on how to check the front, and rear hub bearing without removing them?? The rear i have raised the vehicle, and by hand checked by placing on hand at top, and one hand at bottom see if there any play, and then spun the wheel. Front hub bearing lost on how to check. Getting a roar not a grinding noise tires are stock, and 2yrs old not able to determing if front or rear. At 120,000 prob the origionals. Any suggestions just replace all 4 be done with it?? Thanks
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