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  1. Back again been down for couple weeks open heart surgery again. Removed cam sensor, and checked the magnet using a mirror, and using small drill bit and magnet was strong. This E041 is intermittent condition. It will show up for seconds, and then go off. Starting today it became more intermittent come on and then go off. Noticed when this code appears while driving if give it throttle had a jerk, and shakes the car. I have checked for poor connections or broken wire none found. Using the service manual states poor ecm connection to pin BC5 or faulty ECM. I replaced the ECM (new) last year.
  2. Yes you are right bracket. Turn the bracket around maybe that will correct the problem
  3. Had same probem. The problem was me turning the hinge the wrong way. Try turning the hinge around.
  4. Padgett I think your right. I checked and cleaned all grounds I could find. Start checking from the cam sensor plug back for broken or exposed wire.
  5. Today drove total of 67 miles, and no yellow service light. On Thursday drove less than 20 miles the light came on for 2 or 4 seconds, and then go off. This happened 8 or 9 times. The code that shows is code E041 Cam Sensor.Checked the cam sensor for missing magnets. All 3 are in place. Thanks Daves89 you are right I did replace just about everything including new manifold gaskets. It is a 89 reatta. Any and all suggestions appreciated. Thanks Larry
  6. The service engine light come up for about 3 sec. then goes out. and sometime can go for several weeks and never see this light. Checked all the ground connection I could find but it still will come up. Any suggestions?
  7. Need a bellcrank for drivers side headlight 89 buick reatta. Some time ago I thought someone was making a better modified bellcrank. Thanks Larry
  8. Changed out the map sensor, same problem??
  9. Got a extra give it a try tomorrow. Thanks
  10. Last month this problem started. Engine Control Problem Detected. Engine controls computer has detected an electrical problem. It will flash on the crt for 3 seconds, and then gone maybe sever times a day or may not show up for two weeks. Disconnected the battery cable for 5 min. no problem all day but late tonight came back. Only code stored was 041 cam sensor. This has been replaced 2 times the service manual way. Any thought would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Also have a 89 and my chime module sounds like a sick cat. Have a part # and cost of the module. Thanks
  12. I was at the chevron gas station in Louisville, KY paying for my $4.05 per gal gas. This lady asked if I was in the little gray car? said yes thinking I had the same luck as Howard my car being hit in the lot. This lady in her early 50's wanted to know if the car was a 2008 buick, and when they started selling them. With a big smile I informed her the little gray buick was a 1989. Next thing she wanted to do was sit in the driver seat, and couldn't beleive all the bell, and whistles this car had. She was driving a white 4dr BMW so that tells me our reatta's are still in style for 2008.
  13. Howard just finished reading your bad luck. Hope you get enough from the insurance company to find another reatta. About a month ago came across a 90 reatta blue in color. Let me know if need any parts or if the insurance comp. states its a total. Larry
  14. Everyone waiting. Did get it out???????
  15. Drivers floor wet again after two days of rain. Water dripping from kickpanel where the two pices connect. Tried backerrod window foam insulation behind the rubber door sill starting at the winshield all the way down, and still leaking. Any suggestions be appreciated. Thanks Larry
  16. I have noticed no difference in performance or loss of mpg when I loss the cam magnet. Padgett easy fix has helped lot of owners but being retired lot of time I replaced mine the long way. So far light out and no codes.
  17. Today removed drivers seat, and carpet. Used water hose around drivers window, sunroof, vent area around wipers. Nothing stayed dry. Time for pressure washer. Same as above still dry. No water found on bottom of drivers door, inside drivers window or vent window. Rain due again here in Louisville, KY on Tue.13th see what happens then. Leaving seat, and carpet out maybe find it then. Keep everyone informed when I find something.
  18. Waiting for my cam sensor to arrive from dealership started to clean the interior. Found the drivers side floor completely wet. Did a search only found pass side problems. Storage area are completely dry including pass. side floor. 1989 Coupe Reatta. Any suggestions were start looking?
  19. Thanks nic but this getting old hat. My magnets are completely gone it flush with front of the sprocket. Guess start the tear down tomorrow. Again
  20. Replaced the cam sensor, new sprockets, chain waterpump with all GM parts Last week started getting the service light. Checked today, and no magnets at all. The magnet was replaced the hard way from the back of the sprocket per the service manual. Was the part just defective or something else going on??? Thanks Larry
  21. Checked the service manual, and also a search not able to find. Ecm code: C553 Ecm code: c531 Does anyone have any info on the above two codes? Thanks
  22. Dittos from Derby City Louisville, KY
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