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  1. Your right again I have a 3800 engine. So what other series did Reatta install? Thanks for the help, and excellent info. Hope have a owner manual soon. Larry/ Louisville, KY <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />
  2. Thanks for the information. Larry/ Louisville, KY
  3. Information on removing thermostat housing 1989 reatta. I can only locate one bolt on this housing, and does in pull straight up or rotate to remove. All housings that I removed had two bolts on other GM vehicles. Having low heat temp staying at around 134 when on the interstate. Purchased a thermostat 180 deg. hope this helps.
  4. Looking for used service manual 1989 Reatta.
  5. Barney Eaton gave me several location regarding radio repair on a 1989 Reatta radio,also requested feedback. Downtown Radio Service 2908 Stewart Creek Blvd. Charlotte NC 28216. Phone # 1800-537-0116. Contact person Jene Davis. Mr. Davis stated the cost to repair this unit would be between $90.00 /$100.00 has a 90 day warranty on labor, and 1 year on parts. Turnaround time 3 to 4 days. Mr. Davis was very professional, helpful looking up part numbers, and also giving info on how to remove the unit. He also suggested shipping by UPS, and place a $500.00 value on the radio. Thanks Barney E
  6. Called local radio reair shop in Louisville,Ky stated wouldn't touch a reatta radio for repair. If anyone has info where I can send it would be appreciated. Thank's
  7. Take look at radio speaker noise on todays date. Thanks
  8. Someone tell me something. Exausted everything here. Thanks
  9. If anyone has any suggestions appreciate it. 1989 Reatta factory radio system had no problems but suddendly speakers have a deep rumble. Sounds like popcorn in a microwave popping. Checked the antenna connection. Pulled it apart, and repluged it still there. accelerating the engine in park the sound stays the same. Depressing the brake pedal hear a one pop. Also checked with the engine off and the key in the accessory mode ALL speakers are still distorted. The sound stays the same when using AM or FM or cassette. In older cars if the proble was ignation relataed hear it when the rpm increas
  10. Hope everyone had good NewYear. 1989 Reatta wind noise at front of SunRoof starting at 65MPH but no water leaks just wind noise. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Larry
  11. Thank's everyone for the suggestions, and comments my alarm does work. Thank's
  12. Tried arming security system on a 1989 reatta by following the info in the owners manual with no success. With the drivers door open the security light blinks, and then locked the door using the door lock switch. The security light stayed on, and then closed the door. If the door handles are lifted should the alarm go off?
  13. Hello Have the window sticker for this vehicle. The Dealer whom it was delivered was ED Murphy Buick, Inc Schaumburg IL. The color is Pewter Gray with code of 87U, Body side stripes Red 75A, interior trim 983, 16 way seats gray leather, CA1 sunroof. Invoice on this vehicle was $27,930.00 Vin# 1G4EC11C2KB904205
  14. Thanks Wally888 Everyone seems to enjoy this car as much as I do. Thanks for all the info. Getting the form to send in to the Reatta Division BCA. Thanks again.
  15. New user, and new owner of 1989 gray buick reatta. Larry/ Louisville, KY
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