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  1. Does anyone have the part # for the complete drivers door mirror? If anyone has one in good shape like to sell let me know the price. 89 buick reatta Thanks
  2. Following the instructions dated July 02, but not clear on bleeding front. On the right rear and left rear states to (turn on the key, and wait for the system to pressurize then top off reservoir. This where having trouble. States pump pedal 25/40 times to relieve pressure leave the (key off,) and then states bleed the front rf, and lf. So on the rears only leave the (key on,) and bleed the rr, and lr, then states turn the key off and pump 25/40 times to relieve all system pressure. (Leave the KEY Off) and then bleed the rf, and lf? With the key off? Have the key on for the rears, and key
  3. 89 reatta crt codes regarding brake problems. Following codes are B-482 B-552 C-553 I think the C-553 relates to the pressure switch? Let me know if this is correct, and pressure switch # is 25533700 at price of $100.92. Brake problem having yellow, and red light came on at same while braking. After checking relays, fluid I tapped the pump motor assembly with a hammer, and both lights went out, and brakes work fine now, but I know there a reason for both light coming on at same time. Appreciate any, and all comments. Thamks
  4. The accumulator continued to run, and wouldn't stop. Used a hammer and tapped the pump motor assembly, and both yellow, and red light are out now, and brakes feel good. Will someone explain why tapping the pump assembly turned of the yellow, and red light, and gave me brakes again? The accumulator, relay, and flush was completed last year. So what is causing this, and any suggestions on how to correct this problem. Thanks
  5. If every thing else fails take a hammer to it. Accumulator was running all the time so took a hammer and tapped the pump and motor assembly, and both light went out, and brake pedal back to normal. So I guess this is telling me I need a motor assembly? Learned how to spell Teves
  6. Well here we go again. Traffic light turn red start to apply brakes, and both yellow, and red light come on together. Brake pedal hard have to actually lift my ass of the seat to apply enough pressure to stop. This will get your attention. Last month same problem added very little brake fluid light went out and every thing was good till now. Last year replaced the accumulator center relay, and flushed the system. Checked all pads, and re-adjusted emergency brake cable. This time after pulling into a parking lot the fluid level was completely full to the top. Have no brake fluid leaks, pads
  7. blazer1997


    Check past post not able find answer. What is involved in changing over from r-12 to r-134 on a 89 buick reatta? Can this be done by myself? Thanks
  8. Tried your suggestion both lights are out now. Re-adjusted the brake cable, but crt is still indicating to release emergency brake, and on the screen all 4 wheels are blinking. But both light are out now, did a slow test drive thru the neighood, and every thing seem fine now? Thanks
  9. Ck again today regarding the amber,red brake lights, and found that the crt indicates the emergency brake is on which it is not. Thinking maybe the switch is bad? Can the switch be checked before replacing? Does anone have a prt # for the switch? Ck the list not listed. Thanks
  10. Checking my problem today with the amber, and red brake light on the crt indicates the emergency brake is on. Does anyone have the part # for the switch? Ck the parts list none listed. Can this switch be checked before replacing? Thanks
  11. If I flush my system think this may be my problem? The accumulator is less the 2 yrs old?
  12. I can't do a brake check both lights are on, and very little brakes. I think I should worry.
  13. This past Sun pulled into a steep driveway, and when leaving both the red, and yellow brake light came on. Aug of 2003 replaced the accumulator, and relay switch. Can anyone advise me if the accumulator is bad again? When the key is on the accumulator just continues to run, also changed the relay on the firewall no change. This may be good time to sell it.
  14. Another Reatta still on the road. Vin # 1G4EC11CXJB902877 in Louisville, KY, and for sale or best offer stated stated on sign. Phone # 502-245-0262 or 502-592-0262. 1988 Red in color, new tires but car was locked not able to get mileage.
  15. Checked the search nothing found regarding oil pan removal. Checked the manual states the starter has to be removed? Has anyone replaced the gaskets, and can give me some suggestions? Thanks
  16. Thanks all for the help. Drove up to Indiana today look at this 1988 Reatta, and was amazed at the shape it was in. Needs muffler, Headlight need the bushings replaced, fog lights. Drove nice, still tight no wind noise, and no codes. Talked them down to $3,200 that includes Ky 6% sales tax. $3,200 out the door. Any comments or suggestion welcome. Thanks Larry
  17. Asking price for the 1988 reatta $4,100 with 102,000 miles. Can anyone suggest what I should give for it? Thanks Larry
  18. Hi all Kyreata looking at another Reatta blue/blue like to know if anyone could run the vin # for me before make a trip to Indiana on Wed 14th. Vin # 1G4EC11C3JB901425. Really appreciate it. Thanks Larry
  19. Spring is almost here in Louisville, Ky. My 89 Reatta has been covered, and in heated garage all winter. Thanks to Barney, and Padgett other members finally repaired, replace all defective items. Ready hit the highways this summer. Now ready put up my winter car 1990 Buick Regal GS. Take care of all the little Reatta's
  20. I purchased a 89 Reatta in 2002, and went thru the same problems. Any vehicle 12 0r 14 years requires maintenance. Taking the advise of Reatta members I purchased a service manual this helped alot. It took 1 year to solve all the problems with this 89 reatta replacing struts,accumulator, rotors,brake pads,crt screen,radio,cassett, speakers bell crank,thermostat,muffler, air conditioner. I consider myself stupid in the past selling following vehicles, 1933 chevy coupe, 2-57 chevy hardtops, 66 chevelle 396, 68 chevelle 396, 67 buick rivera,71 buick rivera. I just purchased a 1990 Buick Rega
  21. I think found the problem?? Autozone checked the radiator cap and stated it was good. Purchased a new cap and the temp increased by 12 degrees. Thanks everyone for the info.
  22. Need some help here guys getting high 20's tonight/tomorrow
  23. Heater cor has been flushed. same problem
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