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  1. Can anyone tell me how to post a pic? Thanks Mr. Padgett Vehicle sold as of 01/23/2010
  2. Listed on the buy/sell forum Figure out how to add pic later. Like to thank everyone for the great help over past 7 years. Especially Mr. Padgett Vehicle Sold as of 01/23/2010
  3. 89 buick reatta gray on gray with new tires replaced oct 2009. This vehicle has been my daily driver and has 170,000 This vehicle has no problems every thing works. Oil changed every 3,000 miles with filter Have a complete detailed list of everything repaired or replaced before i purchased the vehicle, and a complete list of all repairs since i owned the vehicle. Has no rust Reason for this sale just purchased a new infiniti, and also have a 1994 impala ss with 56,000 miles. Have no more room. Price $1,700.00 firm nothing more or less. If figure out how to post pic will add later. Also have t
  4. In two week my 89 reatta will be 4 sale if anyone interested.
  5. 62 here in Louisville kY Purchased my 89 Reatta in 2002 and enjoy driving it every day. In April of 2010 going to let the reatta go for a Infiniti G35 coupe. Be listed here first for sale.
  6. Brent, let us know where your at on your idle problem???
  7. Brent, wondering if the new tps corrected the idle problem? Stated like a up-date: After installing the used tps iI have had no problem with the idle staying around 625 to 650 with the ac on in drive. With no ac on the idle staying the same. Hope it works for you. Let me know. Thanks Larry
  8. Starting my 5th day and have no problems with high idle after changing the tps. When stopped in drive idle staying around 650 to 700rpm. For $7.00 at pull-a- part try it. If doesn't work lost $7.00 and start looking for the cause. The old tsp was purchased at auto zone and was adjustable. This time found the stock tsp that only has 2 hole where the screws go into with a metal retainer plate that goes on first. Padgett was one that got me thinking about the tsp, and made a good point. Spent 2 weeks looking for the problem cleaning, changing parts. Not shure if inside it is spring loaded on th
  9. Auto Zone price for new tps around $41.00. If have a pull-a-part in your area cost me $7.00 for used tps. Sun 07/26/09 drove around 50 miles, stop and go rpm stayed around 650 to 700rpm. Let you know later this week if rpm staying same.
  10. Brent so far after changing the tps 2 days and idle staying around 650 to 700 rpm. Let you know Wed or Thur of this next week if it continues.
  11. Brent have found the problem with your idle? Fri 24th changed the tps, let you know if the problem stops.
  12. Last Fri 17th drove from Louisville to Tenn. Avg mpg 28 to 29. Made first stop at 110 miles rpm was at 1100. Re-started rpm was at 650 to 700 rpm. Before leaving on this trip cleaned the K&N filter, cleaned throttle body, checked for any loose connections. Also replaced mass air flow sensor. I think Padgett is on to something with the TPS. Auto zone cost is $44.99 part # TPS 119. Going today to my local pull-a part and pull one from a junk 3800 see if any thing changes.
  13. I also have had this same problem for last 3 months. Replaced the plenum gasket, checked all rubber hoses, cleaned throttle body same problem. I can drive for 50 miles stop, and go rpm stays around 750. Next stop for traffic light rpm ranges from 1075 to 1125. Shift to park, and re-start back to normal 750 rpm. Seen several members with same question, but no answer. So Mr. Padgett where are you? Larry
  14. 89 Buick Reatta here, and firm beleiver in seam foam. Run it thru intake, and gas tank. Ck autozone for seafoam.
  15. Does anyone know the updated gm part # for a caliper for 89 reatta? The data page states the number is 18012692, and not listed with gm direct or rock auto. Looking for two new rear caliper not remanufactured. Thanks Larry
  16. Thanks for the info on the 36mm. I guess replace both front wheel hubs not able to determine which one is making the noise. When turning left seems louder. Going to start with right side pass side first? Again Thanks
  17. Looked at service manual page 3c-8 not able to find what size socket to remove the nub nut. It states to tighten to 180 ft-lbs. Going to start with the right front wheel bering hub first see if sound goes away. 1989 buick reatta. Thanks
  18. Ronnie fine with me. Same here not trying to take anything away from Barney. Thought give it a try and see how it worked, and no problems for past 6 months.
  19. E041 fixed, gone, no black tape over service engine yellow light.
  20. Technician Padgett solve the E041 problem again. I purchased a SU134 wells camshaft sensor from autozone $19.99 Installed, and no more E041 code. Thanks again Padgett Hope all the reatta owners, and family have a Merry Christmas. Larry
  21. Still looking for intermittent condition E041. Used all suggections found nothing. Wife started vehicle, and i moved, and pulled every elect harness under the hood. Nothing. Then i removed the panel under the glove compartment started engine, and pulled, twisted each wire going to the ecm. nothing. Got ready to call it day started engine to back out of the garage you got it. E041 came up. Could the cam shaft position sensor be causing thi problem?????? Thanks
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