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  1. @nearchoclatetown - gas was about 3 months old. I had just pour abut 3 gals in before taking the car out. There is sediment in the gas tank, thus the reason for the filter. Did not improve after filling up with fresh gas. Did not check the distributor will do though @platt-deutsch - this may be the problem. The filter type is a small glass type with a mesh cylinder. It is mounted near the outlet of the gas tank below the frame. I noticed as I was taking it apart that there appeared to be some air in the filter. Perhaps when I started up the hill the air bubble moved and prevented the gas from traveling up the tube. I changed the filter and try to work the air bubble out as the car was idling. Took it out for a test drive and it seemed to work. No hills nearby to recreate the situation. Guess I will leave it alone for now as the car must be driven to a Concours d'Elegance this weekend. Does anyone know the recommend gap for plugs and points for this car?
  2. Took my 1921 Dodge Bros touring car out today and discovered that I have very low power. Seems to start and idle fine but had great difficulty getting up a moderate hill. When I finally got up the hill I pulled into a gas station to get some fresh gas. While there I discovered that I had forgotten to put the gas cap on back in my garage (before departing). Would the lack of a gas cap have an effect on the power? It doesn't seem to be an electrical problem but perhaps it is starved for gas. I have in in-line gas filter and will check it for sediment. If any one has any ideas I would appreciate your input. Thanks
  3. What do you recommend for lubrication in the differential? I have a '21 Touring.
  4. Thanks for solving the mystery for me.
  5. I am looking for a recommendation for a classic car restorer in the western suburbs of Illinois. Does anyone have any recommendations? Looking for someone that can do a little body work and some painting.
  6. Was wondering if anyone can give me a clue what this flap is on the rear bow of my '21 touring car. Was this possibly used to store the side curtain rods?
  7. Here's a photo of the top on my 21 touring. This may help with your project. Rich
  8. Attention all Dodge Brothers forum members! I have created a group for displaying photos of Dodge Brother cars, truck, literature etc. on Use this site to show off your pride and joy or take a look at others that share our interest in Dodge Brothers. I administer the site and have, of course, loaded a lot of photos of my '21 touring car. It would be great to see your photos of your car, truck or literature. Vintage photos with people and place would be great also. So if you feel like surfing, head over to and cruise through the old Dodge Brothers garage.
  9. Here are a few more photos of my '21. Includes some close up of interior.
  10. I have a '21 touring that was restored in 2000. Checkout my page for photos. I have also created a Dodge Brothers group on and have invited anyone to post pictures of their Dodge Brother cars, signs, parts, literature, etc. Feel free to open a flickr account (free) and add your photos.
  11. Wondering if anyone out there has a jpeg or tiff file of the Dodge Brothers logo with the globe in the background. I am preparing an informational display for a show in August. I am looking for a high quality image that will still look good after enlarging to > 8x10. R
  12. Thanks Jack. I found the fittings and the dust covers in their download catalog. The description by Restoration Supply is Alemite Dust Cover.
  13. I am searching for a source for grease fitting covers for a 1921 Touring. These are the covers that snap over the grease fitting to protect it from dirt.
  14. More great info. I am so glad this forum is here and the Dodge Brothers are so willing to share their info. I'll search the Ford Forum and search for "gear lube". Thanks to all.
  15. Thanks for the info FMF. I'll continue to monitor this site to see if others have recommendations.