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  1. Any fellow Chalmers owners going to the tour in Va. ?
  2. Finally got the coupler back from the machine shop and had time to install it all. Cranked and ran it on Saturday. Drove it a small amount because I was by myself & didn't want to get out on the road alone...for the first time. Seems to run perfectly! If it continues to do as well as it did yesterday, it will be a wonderful addition to the car! Happy to let you all know this has ended well. Also, I hope Dave's health woes improve. Thanks to everyone for all of your help.
  3. Well, the day has finally come. As promised from the start here is an update. The unit arrived today via UPS. It looks very nice. I will not be able to install immediately as I will have to have a coupler made at the machine shop. I will let everyone know how it works if there is any interest. Now to the real matter at hand. I HAVE gotten what I paid for. I will let my experiences guide others in their choices. I wish Dave good luck with his issues.
  4. Thank you. Yes, I have heard privately from a close friend of his about his health issues. As I said, I do not wish him ill. I just want my distributor or my money back. It is hard for me to understand how this could go on like it has. I am self employed but have long had arrangements in place in event of sudden illness/uexpected death so that my customers would not be left in the lurch. I wish I could say that this event is all because of his poor health, but I have heard from many people privately that all say the same thing-he has done business this way for years. Had I known that in November, I would not have sent money. I hope his health improves. I also hope that he eventully sees fit to do the right thing.
  5. Are there anymore friends of Dave out there that would check on his current progress for me?
  6. The answer to that is a resounding no. I really didn't expect it. I have come to believe that Dave has no qualms about lying to friends and acquaintances alike. I think my only hope of ever getting a refund or the unit is going to be if a) one of his friends actually takes it upon themselves to watch him build and test the unit and then ships it to me for him or the exceedingly slow legal process catches up with him before all parties concerned are dead.
  7. As promised from the start, I am letting everyone know what has happened. About a week ago AVS 619 posted that my unit had been shipped. I was never contacted directly and given any tracking number or any other indication that the unit was actually on its way. It is now one week later and nothing has arrived. While it is possible that it was lost or for some inexplicable reason is taking twice as long to get to Georgia from Illinos as usual, my feeling is that it was never actually shipped. AVS 619 would you mind checking on it for me? I can not get through to Dave since he won't answer my calls to his cell.
  8. My intention all along has been to let everyone know what happens as it happens. I have not yet gotten the distributor. When it arrives, I will certainly let everyone know. As far as what I have said about Dave-I have only stated facts as they were. I also am self employed and I can assure you that you can get exceptional work and great communication at the same time. I have never disputed Dave's ability to do good work; why else would I be willing to send $1130.00 to a man I don't know in order to buy a product I have never used? I have already had to miss the Horseless tour in Fl. because I did not get the distributor and am on the verge (one month away) of missing our local club big weekend tour because I did not get the distributor. I have never wished Dave ill will. In fact I told him that the last time I spoke with him. I still believe he has very poor business practices, but I WILL LET ALL KNOW WHEN I GET THE UNIT.
  9. I am having new sill plates made. Anybody out there need a set. The more we order the cheaper per set. Two sets would be about $463.00 per set of four. email me at hulseyterry@bellsouth.net if you want a set.
  10. Well, another week has gone by. As you may remember, Dave called last week and assured me that he would ship the unit on last Friday. I am in Georgia so the shipping should be about three days. Of course it is now Friday and no unit or refund. I should have known better than believe him since he has made the same promise several times. AF, if you are indeed a close personal friend, please do me a favor-go with Dave to his place of businees and sit with him until he actually ships my unit or sends me a refund. At this point I would be willing to pay you for your time since this ordeal has stretched out forever. I am back to my original course of action. I will be pursuing legal options against him unless I have either the unit or a refund by Wednesday, March 9, 2011.
  11. Dave did call last evening. After apologizing for his previous behavior, he promised to ship the unit this Friday. As I told him I will not be holding my breath in anticipation since I have been told that several times before. I do hope that he will follow through this time. I will let you know what happens next week as it should take til Wed./Thurs. for delivery.
  12. I am not sure where you got the "been ill" statement but that is the first story he told me back in December. I found out from a very close friend of his that the ill story was not true. He has been recovered from the hip replacement for some time now. He had no problem getting to the bank to deposit my check. Nor did he have a problem promising delivery dates on multiple occasions. It is my belief that I will be lucky to ever see my dual unit or money. Remember he told me initially that he had all the parts in stock to assemble the correct unit and that he would do so as soon as my check arrived. That was 3 months ago. I have talked with his close friends and they have talked with him on my behalf and each time it is the same story, but I never get the unit, money or a call. Thank you for talking with him though. Maybe this time he will actually do what he said he was going to do.
  13. Latest info in my ongoing story- I have not heard from Dave Hentschel other than the signed receipt for the registered letter I sent. He can not be reached because both email and phone are disconnected. I will now have to pursue any avenue open to me in order to either get the dual unit or a refund (any suggestions?). I STRONGLY ADVISE ANYONE AGAINST DOING ANY TYPE OF BUSINESS WITH THIS PERSON. THERE IS A HIGH PROBABILITY THAT YOU WILL BE OUT YOUR MONEY JUST LIKE ME.
  14. I am the person that sent him money. Here is the story so far-November spoke with him on the phone and ordered the unit. Was told at that time he would ship when he got my check. I assumed he actually meant when the check cleared. My December bank statement showed the check had cleared. Dec. 15 (1 month after initial contact) got in touch again and was told he had been sick and would ship by the next Friday. Dec. 27 tried to contact him but phone and email both disconnected. Called a friend of his and was told that Dave had not been sick but had been acting differently (undependably). Dave called me and again promised delivery by the next Monday. Jan. 14 mailed a registered letter to Dave and repeated all the details. Informed him I would give him 15 days from his reciept of the letter to either refund my $1130.00 or send me a good working dual hentschel unit to replace a Bosch DU 6. He did not sign for the letter until Jan, 28. I will let everyone know wht happens.
  15. Tom, awesome car! Two things that may be of use- 1) I notice in the picture of the dashboard that the carb enrichment handle is pointed upward. On my 1914, the lever was not designed to go up that direction. You might want to check the connections here. 2) I find that for shifting on many early cars it works better if you do not depress the clutch pedal all the way to the floor. This can be worked out by trial and error. Also the fact you can push start it tells you that it is not turning over fast enough if it will not start on mag. Terry Hulsey
  16. I am in Georgia. A good friend of mine has a 1910 Hudson touring. He would be glad for you to come look at it if you need to. I can be reached at 770-591-9732.
  17. 1914 Chalmers model 24 with a custom or one off body. Looks like the 14 factory roadster except the windshield posts and suicide doors with outside handles. Consultation between Dan and Alan Woolf and myself leads us to believe it is a cabriolet with roll up windows. WOW!
  18. Just wanted to let evryone know that FOUR (!) Chalmers were on the tour. Several pictures were made of them in a group. It was a real sight to behold. In the 50's multiple Chalmers at a tour were fairly common but it has been a long time since that many were together. I am technically challenged so can't post pictures but perhaps someone else that was there will do so.
  19. If you are speaking about on your Selden plate then it is a repro, but if you are speaking of yout car then I would say that is a good thing.
  20. I have a Selden plate in the 100,000 range that I would like to trade for a plate in the 50,000 range. Btw, the repros are not serial numbered. If in doubt, look for the serial number under the left front wheel.
  21. That usually designated a truck or other commercial vehicle. Car plates carry a one to three digit number prefix.
  22. Glyptal on the inside, aluminum spray paint on the outside, followed by several coats of automotive clear coat with a non gloss additive. This seals the block from both sides and seems to very closely duplicate the original finish.
  23. Change the connections at the batteries to negative ground. Reverse the wiring on the ammeter. Change the fuel pump to a negative ground pump. Polarize the voltage regulator and you are ready to go. BTW, I am not sure why you are wanting to use an engine analizer on this vehicle. A competent vintage Jag shop can sort this vehicle without one.
  24. Does anyone have any pictures/literature dealing with these side curtains. I am especially interested in how they stow when not in use. Car is 1914 Chalmers 6 passenger. We are scrambling to get it ready for the Reliability tour in Chattanooga in Oct. Several Chalmers are registered.
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