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  1. I can't think of a better way to go................crankin' wrenches, and shinin' it up.
  2. Hi Ray. You should pull the spark plugs anyway, and assess their condition. Running the car for a time with that misfiring problem may have sooted them up, so they won't perform as well.
  3. Hi Ray. First of all........any backfiring would usually launch a mouse nest, mouse and all out the tail pipe. When an engine runs fine, and then suddenly backfires, it sometimes means there is a failure of the spark plugs to ignite the fuel during an engine cycle, and then in another cycle the spark plug fires, making a "backfire", from the excess of fuel that was shoved down the exhaust pipe without being burned. Working backwards, i would test/check the plugs for intermittent firing or fouling(causing intermittent firing), and then outdoors i would place a dark tarp or blanket over the engi
  4. Hi. Do not turbocharge your 213. They were originally made, as most of the IH sixes were to run at lower rpms with good torque for hauling loads. They are not speed monsters. If you try to make one go fast it'll break in ways you never thought possible.I could go into an explanation as to why, but it would take too much time. Yes, the roads were full of 40 MPH drivers in 1940..........as a matter of fact there weren't many highways back then. 40 was pretty fast on the gravel. If you want to go faster try a bigger IH engine like the 264 or 265 black diamond engines. They still aren't made for s
  5. Just a note as it hasn't been brought up. If the serial number on the toe board is missing, the serial number is also stamped on the top of the frame crossmember, just in front of the front seat base. You might have to clean the rust off with a wire brush to see it. It's stamped right in the center of the crossmember on the top so when you look down you can see it.
  6. Hi. I'm in Northeastern Minnesota, and am not much of a clubber. The nearest organized meets are in Minneapolis/St. Paul area, 2 hours away. I like to attend a few shows every year. I'm most likely going to sell my 1919 DB convertible (no, it's not a cabriolet) coupe this spring. I absolutely love the car, but i'm primarily an AMC collector, of which i have 6 cars,plus parts cars. I'm having problems with not enough space in my shop. My car is 99.9 % complete, and runs/drives but needs restoration. My DB coupe is optioned out to the max for it's day, and is ultra rare, as you are getting the i
  7. Hi. I did plenty of research on these vehicles, and there are some interesting details i would like to share/compare with your car.
  8. Hi. I have an early Dodge Brothers car, with i believe Hayes 25 inch wire wheels with 33X4 high pressure tires. The "spare" that mounts on the back came with no "lock ring". I would like to be able to mount a tire on the wheel, and am looking for either a lock ring for my wheel, or an entire wheel. I can be emailed direct at beelee167@gmail.com or cal 218-310-7837 Thanks, Regards,Brian
  9. Once you start using POR-15 paint, you'll never want to use anything else, even powdercoat, which i believe to be inferior to POR-15 in the area of chip resistance. As with anything, good surface prep makes sure the paint stays put. Por -15 can be sprayed or brushed, but sprayed you need DRY air or it'll harden in the gun. It cures by the moisture in the air. Once dry it's like iron. If you spill it on the floor it's never coming off. If you get it on your hands, you have to wait untill it wears off. If you use a brush to apply,lay it on thin or it will run. 2 thin coats covers well. Because i
  10. I once had a 1934 Chrysler Airflow that was like your car bbbbbb9. It was a very parts intensive car that was i decided at one point would not be a very feasible original restoration. Believe me i sat on that car for 10 years, not getting anywhere with it. It just needed too many hard to find parts, and i only had 1 lifetime to find them, which i had discerned was too little time to complete it. I just had too little patience to spend the rest of my life hunting them down. It had a good running engine and overdrive trans,and a rare radio, so i sold them to people who were restoring Airflows. T
  11. IMHO the only way to change he deeply rooted ideals of another is to befriend the person and SHOW them your point in a new positive light. I other words get the 2 sides together in each others territory. Only then can they see you as you want to be seen. Get out of your armchairs, and walk amongst the guys with their Rat Rods,etc. Talk to them respectfully, and LISTEN to what they say, and you'll find you aren't so far apart after all. I remember going to a car show that the so called "tuner cars" were featured (Toyotas and the like). I didn't know much about these cars so i cornered one of th
  12. I'm involved in other forums for vehicles such as American Motors, and International Harvester. The moderators on these forums generally draw the line at threads that are "no longer friendly", meaning the threads that show a continuing ill will, however true the subject may be. I think the intent of keeping these off is to keep the subject matter about the vehicles in general, and not politics, and philosophy, which can go on forever. Just look at the Republican vs. Democrat debates, or the abortion vs. pro life debates. These things go on for ever and ever, and it's not likely with even the s
  13. Boy, the economy must really be in trouble............an early Dodge Brothers roadster with restored rims/frame/new tires........complete with engine. It wasn't even a rust bucket. Bidding was over yesterday.......... NO BIDS at $500.00................not even a Rat Rodder would take it. Wow! The economy must be pretty bad out west.
  14. He finally changed his ad wording to match the heading, but he still thinks it's a 1914 coupe..............and no bids.
  15. Hi. Just a "heads up" for you guys. On Ebay right now there is an ad heading 1914 DB Business Coupe. The car is in Ca. so whomever lives out that way might want to give it a look. It's a no reserve car, and it looks as if a restoration was started, as the frame/wheels/tires look newly done. Even though the ad heading calls it one thing, the ad content says another, calling it a 1927 car. And the pics show something else entirely..........which it appears to be an early roadster. This car looks to have ended up in the hands of someone who has no clue as to EXACTLY WHAT he has, and the best part
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