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  1. I'm in the process of regestration (Calif) of my 1936 Dodge 1/2 ton model LC pickup. The truck is not moveable at this time and the DMV wants the GVW to complete my application. Can someone PLEASE help me out. If you have that info e-mail tom@pacific.net. Much appreciated!!! The truck is all stock.
  2. Try Charley Timmons. He knows that era truck. Located in Reno, Nev. (775) 972-4667
  3. I'm about to install a new/repro wire harness. Can someone please send me a picture of the external side od the firewall showing how and where the wire loom is routed ? Also the speedo cable, choke and throttle cables etc. A hand drawn diagram would work well also. Any help appreciated !!! E-mail: tom@pacific.net
  4. I'm not 100% sure, but I think there is a difference in the truck and passenger shell. Check a reliable interchange. The truck (1/2 ton) part # for what is listed as "Radiator Shell, assembly, painted" is 573864. Hope this helps.....
  5. CRANK'EN HOPE Blairsville, Pa 15717 (412) 459-8853 These people make reprints of all sorts of original repair and parts manuels. I have the Repair manuel and it is an excellent reproduction. They probably make the parts book also.
  6. If your regulator mounts on top of the generator and is a REGULATOR, not a CUT OUT then it is probably the same as on my '36. I located a NOS regulator. It is an Autolite # 9-8, noted old part # as TC-4301-B. Maybe Napa store can interchange this #. Some 'old line' parts houses still have the ability to READ AN AUTO PARTS CATALOG !!! Hope this helps
  7. I need the wheel color information on a '36 Dodgee pick up. The color of the truck is "State Maroon", an original color for '36. I need to know the WHEEL color, and if the wheels were pin striped as some of the passenger cars were. I've tried the 'Make Specific' forums, but no luck so far. I would be happy to buy a color chip chart for the truck. I have one for the passenger car, but it does not show the chip for the truck, nor does it refer to the wheels. Any response appreciated !!!
  8. I need the coloe combination for a 1936 Dodge pick up, using "State Maroon" as the body color, in combination with black fenders. What, specifically, is the color of the wheels, and were they pin striped ?
  9. Can some one tell me what the standard wheel color was for a '36 pick up ? Did the wheel color match the body color, or was there a "standard" wheel color? Was there normally and pin striping on the wheel ? Info appreciated !!!!
  10. You can also get them from any Motion Industries outlet, and probably any Timken dealer. They are still a current timken product. The list price at our local outlet is # 3320 @ $17.80 ea. and # 3381 @ 34.25 ea. This is the retail price and there is stock on hand.
  11. Is there a service in N.Calif. that can convert from the Detroit type U joint to a modern U joint ?
  12. I'm seeking info on parts, clubs, or anything on Moline Knight, or Knight engines. A friend needs a top cover for his engine. (Valve Cover ?) Any info or leads appreciated.
  13. A friend has a 1917 Moline Knight. He needs the top cover (Valve Cover ?) for the Knight engine. Are there any parts sources for these engines ? Are there any clubs dedicated to these cars ? Any info appreciated
  14. Will the front fenders of a '36 passenger car fit a '36 Dodge 1/2 ton ?
  15. My '36 LC project truck had a couple of hub caps with it. They are basicly smoothe, with the DODGE groved out. I see caps advertised as '36 pick up caps that have the word DODGE raised above the surface in similar fashon as the old fashoned 'Moon Spinners' Can anyone shine some light on this ?
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