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  1. Has anyone come across [or has a spare] a DB speedo model 3855 which I believe is a Metric [ km]...??? any info greatly accepted
  2. Jason and Robert This is the info I was looking for .... and now makes it a lot clearer ... finding parts is like getting teeth out of chooks .... If any one has any for sale, I am one of several local (to me) interested parties as it appears to cover several models.
  3. Dave the part no given might be a N E number..... 16986 It is listed under Dodge in Catalogue and for years 27-28 Senior six, 28 Fast 4, Victory 6 etc Vintage reproduction ID is DOD 066 If Jason is watching ,I hope he can assist cheers
  4. Dave .. Sorry ... forgot to ask .. Any more detail / info on these ..?? cheersJohn Y
  5. Dave thanks for reply ... late in answer ... the one I have is 5020274 - which has 3 mounting holes that appear to match 3 threaded rods behind dash where ignition switch is (28 Victory 6 - may 28)... BUT is not listed on your sheet as DB.... ?? the coil holder appears to be similar to one produced by Vintage and Classic reproductions in QLD Australia (no 16986) is this correct ...??? John Y
  6. Can any one tewll me or have a photo of a '28 Victory 6 ignition coil and switch.
  7. Yes .... I have just found this out .. another great loss of man and his knowledge..
  8. Martin thanks for the reply ...will keep them in mind if need to .. cheers
  9. DodgeKCL... you have missed a few nimbers there... if you have them let me know .... I will look him upp in phone book as well to see if I can find him... Thanks.. TonyAus2 I will give you a ring later ... Thanks to those who have replied to my tread ... I have managed to resurrect a bottom frame from two (2) others but would still like to get a frame in good condition or one re made if possible and not costing the earth... I assume that this will be a problem in the future with other vehicles as supplies run out and restorations continue, and "elder" tradesmen who could replace things take
  10. Have looked at web site ...and will contact to see if they ca n ....earliest on the site is '24. cheers
  11. Can any one advise if there is a supplier of winscreen frames - either reporduction or good condition "originals" as I am looking for a frame for 1923 tourer cheers
  12. Forgot to say in last note that mine is a magneto and "advance" is down -"retard" is up cheers
  13. you are correct..the "advance" lever on 23 in Great South Land [Australia] is up to advance - down to retard ..does not make any difference maggie or dizzie.... tho this depends on if the lever on exhaust pipe is inverted or down .... this will reverse the direction of "adsvance" check your timing and firing pattern as mentioned...also check compression and valve timing ... mine is a bit reluctant on hills when it warms up, so am having a similar problem ...working on it .. PS You do not know of a source for windscreen frames for '23 tourer by any chance cheers.. John Y
  14. I need some inf o re '23 DB tourer windscreen frame sizes... Can anyone give me the correct outside measurements for split screen top section.. master parts list id 15025, Glass 15019 size is 10 x 37 5/8 ", and does it have grove on sides for "T" rubber cheers John Y
  15. Reuel Got it, will do it and see what difference it makes cheers
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