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  1. That red Amphi is in a museum in Nebraska. I sent them some correct original ties to complete it and that pic looks like they never installed them. I never heard back from them either. Humm I'll try to post some pics later of the cars that have passed thru here... I certainly can't keep them all... damnit
  2. I've been away from my favorite forums, The AACA site for a while as I took a high Tech job as a favor to a friend, had enough of that worl and went back to low tech!. Just wanted to say hello and wish everyone happy holidays (whichever one is your preferred)! I've branched out into things that don't swim as I have grown accustomed to eating indoors, so I gotta go where the money is. Amphicars are getting to difficult to specialize in, so here are some of the non-amphicar vehicles I rehomed lately. I found 6, yes 6, 1972 Eldo ragtops in a guys backyard. He bought the cars, purchase
  3. They need not be perfect, or super nice. If you have some, let me know your price and condition. John 303 868-8384 (call or text)
  4. I have one of those Speed Blasters, great for small spot blasting too. I also have a blaster with a vacuum brush head that recirculates the media. Love that mo-chine!
  5. I have yet to see any tire shop offer blast/paint services. Keep an eye on your pressure, as it drops so will the effectiveness of the blast. I don't think your machine can keep up with constant blasting. Get a fan on the motor and compressor to help keep it as cool as possible. Take your time, do some once your pressure drops go have lunch while it builds and cools some. You may only get a few mins at a time. Wheels can be a pain depending on the paint and the media you are using.
  6. If you use a small nozzle and take your time, you may OK for a while. Be sure that you allow your compressor to cool (add a fan maybe). Blasters use a LOT of volume so be aware of the run time. The spec you need is the CFM or volume of air it can supply constantly not so much it's capacity. You will find it can deliver for a short time, but will soon be running constantly trying to keep up as your pressure drops.
  7. Well, I guess I should start packing a change of clothing and a lunch! Seems like a great idea to me! If my time and finances would allow, I would have no second thoughts about going to visit Roger. That trip would be worth every penny to see such a world class artist. I fear that Randy and I would have to take Roger out for dinner as I suspect his dinner plates and silverware may be 1:12 scale and I have a 1:1 scale mouth! ;-)
  8. I could take my Amphicar, fill the fuel tank, pack a lunch (or 2) and head on over! I assure you that watching a master of his craft as you are, would not be boring for me at all! I'd love to video you working using time lapse to see all the effort you expend. Not boring for me.
  9. Silent because were are in stunned silence and in awe of your art (it truly is an art!) and commitment. I only wish I could see your shop and sit with you for a day. I will extend a virtual hand shake of gratitude and great respect for your efforts and hours of entertainment.
  10. Can you use some of the timber as landscaping?
  11. Roger, You said " would barely find a buyer of the model when ready", I am certain there would be people lined up for your car. I can see it now going across the stage at a large auto action watching the bids fly by. I'd be 1st in line (depending on how big the number would have to be on the check!) I could not even begin to guess what one would be worth, but it would not surprise me if it was more than the actual car. (as it should be). I have an affinity for anything that is done to a high standard. Your work is exactly that. It is without a doubt some of the world's
  12. Oh they want you to think you know what will happen, but when it comes time to pay out, that is when you find out. My sister is fighting an insurance company now. A rental camper got tossed in a tornado in July. Her insurance guy said she was fully covered, not so. The contents were covered, but the rental was not. So "fully covered" was really a general statement and not an accurate statement. Find out how the terms they use are meant. "Agreed Value" means exactly what to them and to you? It is designed to screw over the consumer, not to help in any way.
  13. This is why you need to understand how your insurance company covers your losses. You were under insured as many are. I was once too, but learned my lesson ($50,000 cup of coffee is what I got, long story) Understand your policy, agreed value on any collectible. Your receipts have no value, your car in its current condition is how its valued. If you put in a $5000 stereo, it does not make it worth $5000 more. If you insure the stereo separately, then maybe. (probably $2500 at best)
  14. A 2x8 is cut from the same logs that a 2x4 or any dimension are cut. The width has nothing to do with better quality. It's simply math. If the width of the log allows a 2x4, a 2x8 and a 2x2 in the same path, that is what gets cut. Same log. I agree that the 2x8 walls are a zero return investment. Put an extra $1k in insulating the roof (always the most significant heat loss culpret), use spray insulation instead of batting or a more efficient heat system, you will be better off.
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