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  1. :confused:OK guys, I have a good one for you. The A/C, heater blower motor in my 90 convertible will not shut off. It even wants to run with the car turned off. I have tried pulling fuses, to no avail. Any thoughts? Is there a relay someplace for the blower? I could not identify one in the relay center under the hood. Thanks,,,,,,,,,,
  2. Anyone have a line on where to get a headlight switch for a 1973 Javelin? It is a toggle switch and I have no idea on where to start. Is a NOS possible, or a new repro? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks,,,,,,,:confused:
  3. Thanks for the great ideas, I will be looking for the 3M tape or Rhino Glue. The top is in otherwise very good condition. The car spent the first 15yrs in Florida with my father. Since it's been in Michigan, it only comes out in the summer. I don't intend for it to ever be on salted roads!
  4. I have a 1990 Reatta convertible with less than 24,000 miles. The top and rear window have started to seperate along the bottom edge. Has anyone else had this problem? Have a solution? I don't want to have to buy a new top if I can avoid it! Thanks
  5. Hope that this isn't too late, but I had the same trouble with my 13yr old accumulator. I sprayed it twice with Aero Kroil and I was able to get it loose. (I also blocked the side of the master brake assy so it couldn't move) If you can,t find Aero Kroil, you can buy direct from the manufacturer (Kano Labs) at 615-833-4101
  6. Have to agree with REATTA1, my 90 conv is our "special car". It gets driven, but only in nice weather for trips near and far. The Reatta belonged to my father, so that makes it extra special. I also intend to keep it until the wheels fall off, or I do.
  7. Barney, glad that I read your reply to Reatta89, my accumulator also drops 1/2 inch or more (original on 90). Do you know the part# ? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the tip. I will certainly check it out!!!!
  9. Yep, top is up, and have cover on car to keep the dust and whatever off.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I did change the oil and filter, although I did not put Stabil in the gas. Seems like cheap insurance, so I will put some in this weekend. I thought I had most of the bases covered, but I guess that I missed a few.
  11. A big hello from Attica, Mi. Yes, I did send Barney the VIN. So far I enjoy the forum very much, and look forward to learning more about the Reatta!
  12. Thanks for the reply. What the heck is an accumulator, what does it do, and where is it? If not a big job, I will change it myself
  13. Thanks for the reply, I think I will change the trans fluid in the spring, just in time to enjoy a topless cruise!
  14. Thanks, I never thought about the washer fluid. Will change this weekend
  15. Am new owner of 1990 Reatta convertible. The car usually sat in a garage in Florida (under 20k miles). After I had the car shipped to my home (in Michigan), I had the radiator flushed and cleaned, new hoses installed, and had the brake fluid changed. (saw that on this board) Is there anything else that I should have done before winter? The car will not be driven in the snow and salt!!! Thanks
  16. amoparguy


    I'm a new owner of a 1990 Reatta with a question. I see references to CRT's in many of the posts, was a CRT an option on Reattas, or can they be purchased aftermarket? How do you use them to get trouble codes? Thanks!
  17. What a kind offer,,,,,,,
  18. thanks for the info, I will check it on e-bay.
  19. I need to know the approximate value of a 1990 Reatta convertible. The car has less than 20K miles and is in very good condition. The hood has been repainted due to chemical damage. The dash top was broken by the dealership then repaired and repainted. It is now barely noticeable. The car was owned by by father who kept it in his garage.(in FL) Any help would be appreciated.
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