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  1. For sale: 1942 Chevrolet Service manual. In very good original condition. Price: $15 plus postage. Send email to: vongunten@msn.com
  2. For sale: The very first issue of S-I Autos, dated Sept./Oct. 1970- in excellent condition. Price is $15 plus postage. Send email to: vongunten@msn.com Contains articles on: 1936 Willys; 1950 Olds, Sharknose Graham; 1931 Studebaker Speedway President Roadster,Jensen-Fords, Nash-Healey at Le Mans; Davis 3-wheeler, etc.
  3. Have the following original service manuals for sale: 1942 Chevrolet Shop Manual (rare war-year edition); 1935 General Motors Truck Model T-33; 1937 General Motors Models T-18,T18H;F-18;F-18H (all in one);1930 General Motors Truck Model T-25; International Motor Trucks Models K-1 to K-5 (all in one)-all at reasonable prices. Send email to: vongunten@msn.com
  4. Have original Hershey Progams/Directory of Vendors (1983-1986, 1988 to 2000) and AACA Roster of Members (1956 to 1958, 1960 1971, 1973 to 1977) All in excellent condition. For sale as individual pieces or buy the collection. Send email to: vongunten@msn.com
  5. Walked in on Thursday. Within 30 minutes found a pair of NOS rear fenders for my '46 vintage pick-up. They were "hidden" on the vendor's trailer underneath some Oldsmobile hoods. Otherwise they would have been snapped up by a "picker" long before I arrived.(The picker would have handed them to a professional vendor who would have doubled the price-hoping to sell them by the end of Hershey week) The seller said he wasn't going to Hershey and he just wanted a "fair" price. I paid about 50% of the "typical" asking price. Yes, Carlisle has its share of trinkets and street rod fair-but it also has 7000 vendor spaces filled with the promise of a great find.
  6. On my cable system Car Crazy was not shown Thursday night so that they could broadcast a Nascar race live. The Car Crazy episode is slated to be run again on Saturday at 10am- so as they say: check your local listings.
  7. On Thursday September 9, Speed Channel will broadcast an episode of Car Crazy with a segment on Chip Miller and his contribution to the collector car hobby at Carlisle Events. Time is 7:30pm eastern. If you don't have the Speed Channel-call your cable provider- your wife will be miserable!
  8. I have a chevy pick-up rear fender that I purchased thinking it was correct for my '46. However, the fender is about 2 inches longer than my other '46 fender and the wheel opening measures about 2 inches wider also. The bolt hole pattern is quite similar but not exact. I am wondering if this might be a '37-'38. Does anyone know how to tell the difference? p.s. It's the same overall width as the '46 so it should not be a '39. Thanks.
  9. For sale: One Goodyear Power Cushion blackwall, 8.00-14. It's N.O.S. and in perfect condition. Would make a great spare for a restored car. Apparently was original equipment on many larger cars from 1958 to 1962, including Bel Air, Edsel, and Pontiacs. Price is $100 plus shipping (same cost as Coker's repro B.F. Goodrich's). Send email to: vongunten@msn.com Can deliver to Carlisle/Hershey events.
  10. Thanks Karl. The map makes it very clear where the space is located. What a relief to escape the dreaded Blue Field North. Many thanks to the Hershey Region.
  11. I am now in the Chocolate field at C4K-40. Thanks.
  12. I just got my confirmation for Hershey 2004. My flea market space has been moved- thankfully out of the Blue Field North! Is there a space map on-line that I can access to see where my new space is? Thanks.
  13. Have a set of old tires the have following DOT numbers: CYN4 C2F6331. This is obviously a different numbering scheme from today's DOT markings. The tires are redline bias-ply. Is it possible the code means the 331st day of 1966? Help!
  14. Nearchocolattown (or whatever)is right. I have confirmed that the 7.75-15's were an option ($46 extra) on 1967 Corvettes. I guess I need to find someone with a NCRS '67 Vette. Thanks to all.
  15. I have found a set of 4- bias ply- 7.75-15 redlines. They are NOS and have a DOT code from 1963. What cars might have worn them as original equipment? I suspect some Corvettes, but I am not sure. Probably not great for high speed driving, but would have to look great on the correct show car. Thanks.
  16. I could have been more clear. The car is in San Jose. I am in MD. I want someone to take a look and let me know what it looks like. Thanks.
  17. I am contemplating the purchase of a 1967 Camaro that is for sale on Ebay. The car sells sometime on April 15. I would like an AACA member who lives nearby to stop by and take a look at the car before I bid. You would need to do this on Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday April 12-13-or 14. If you're willing, please email me at: vongunten@msn.com I live in MD, so this would be a big help. Thanks.
  18. The passing of Chip Miller should be observed by every AACA member as a tremendous loss. Chip and his partner Bill are largely responsible for the growth of the collector car hobby on the east coast. Without their vision, many of the products, suppliers, and innovations we take for granted would simply not exist. Anything that promotes the preservation and restoration of antique motor vehicles is better than the ultimate destruction of these machines. The AACA needs to recognize the importance of young people in the preservation of this hobby- Carlisle events appeal directly to young collectors- many of which will evolve into AACA members. Thanks Chip, and God Bless you.
  19. Have a nice NOS right-side front fender. Fits 1 1/2 ton trucks. Price is $300. Located in central Maryland. Can deliver to Carlisle or Hershey shows.
  20. I will be visiting the Sacramento, CA area March 21-24. Would like to purchase an original California Camaro, 1967-69. Will consider any drivetrain combination. Please respond to: vongunten@msn.com Thanks.
  21. Chip leaves tomorrow for the Mayo Clinic- for an important evaluation that could lead to the stem cell replacement therapy he has been seeking. The only other major hospital that offers the treatment turned him down because they felt his health was too compromised to undergo the dangerous treatment. If you haven't already, check out the article in this month's 50th anniversary issue of Hemmings Motor News about Chip and his many contributions to our hobby. Our prayers are with you Chip!
  22. I am having a car hauled from California to the east coast. Has anyone used Trusty Transport of Tempe Arizona? What was your experience? Thanks.
  23. One of the real important people in the collector car hobby- and a very nice person to boot. It's hard to imagine what our hobby would be like without Chip and Bill Miller. We all pray for good weather at Hershey- let's all pray tonight for Chip's speedy recovery.
  24. Found this at a recent flea market. Appears to be a truck(?) item from the art deco period. It has no part number. Has anyone ever seen one like it? Thanks.
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