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  1. If you’ve been attending the Fall Meet for a decade or three; and you don’t sleep in your space as I did for many years; you’ve probably noticed the crazy prices area hotels charge for our week. Rooms that are ordinarily $100 a night magically jump to $200 or more. 
    I have started looking for next years hotel room almost immediately after the event. Some booking services, such as Expedia, allow you to make a reservation one year in advance. Many of the hotels haven’t released their rooms yet, but I was able to get a decent room near the intersection of Union Deposit Road and 83 for $106/night. This includes free cancellation right up to the event and you don’t have to pay until you arrive,

    As the months go by, I’ll check occasionally for a better deal and/or location- but this is my hedge just in case. If you wait until next summer, you’ll probably wish you acted sooner.


    I wish we could start a chat about crappy hotels we’ve stayed in; but that would get somebody in trouble. Read those reviews- with a grain of salt- but read them!

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  2. 11 hours ago, Terry Bond said:

    Seemed to me there were a few more than usual over by my spaces in the Green field in front of the Giant Center. I smelled at least an extra  1000 calories every day there, and there were plenty of folks enjoying it too. Crab cakes were great as usual.

    Steve is right about staffing tho, I know a few vendors who had to source tents from as far away as Virginia.


    There was still enough vendors to keep us from starving. One in particular in the Green field had the best sausage sandwich I’ve had since I swore off the Red Hot Smokies at Carlisle events many years ago. Now if you want to talk about hardship- they moved the Dunkin Donuts tent from the Green field to the opposite side of that @&$?& Bridge into the Chocolate  field. When you’re manning your vendor space by yourself and the DD is that far away, it leaves few options. I have to thank two brothers, one from Scranton and his brother from the UP of Michigan for bringing  me a coffee on Thursday morning. You meet the nicest folks at Hershey!

  3. With my youngest son working on his Doctorate in Chemical Engineering at Purdue, he was not able to join me at Hershey. So I thought I’d send him a picture of this stunning Auburn, built not that very far from West Lafayette, IN. It wasn’t until today that I realized I captured it in the process of being judged- and look who was hard at work judging the class!


  4. We saw a group of 4 on Segway's. I hope I spelled that right?!? The smaller crowds in the swap meet probably reduced the number of accidents. I always smile when I see someone pushing their bike thru the fields- some people still follow the rules!

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  5. On 9/30/2021 at 7:13 PM, greenie said:

    All you need to know is SAM made a right and headed out to sea. The rest is just weather. Get ready for Hershey. Pack an umbrella and you won’t use it. 

    I did, and I didn’t. I was never wet, never hot, never cold. Most days you could wear a sweatshirt all day or wear a t-shirt all day long. We rarely saw the Sun. Weird weather but totally normal for Hershey. It defies forecasters. 

  6. 56 minutes ago, trimacar said:

    There may have been less traffic and fewer venders, but I can tell you there were buyers there…we brought some good stuff to sell, and some not so good stuff too,  and sell it did like gangbusters. Even a lot of so-so things found buyers. Best part was seeing old and making new friends.  Anyone who stayed away missed a great Hershey with wonderful weather….



    Could not agree more. I am 200 feet away, in the green field, selling Chevy truck parts. I’ve been in these spaces about 10 years. I pay a little extra to have my thing listed in the program in a few places. The result is a lot of return customers. Even though my Ontario, Canada and Western Europe customers were absent, Wednesday was the best day ever in gross sales. The week will end up my best ever. Less foot traffic, less customers-but more large sales. The program listings really helps direct first time buyers to me. We will open for a few hours Saturday morning and then head over to the car show. I leave a note so anyone who comes along can call my cell about parts. Great week. 

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  7. Just minding my own business in my Green Field space and 2 guys roll up in a golf cart. The fellow in the right seat starts to ask me about a Chevy truck part when I realize he looks familiar. Then it dawns in me it’s Mr. Excitement, a.k.a. Jimmy Spencer, of NASCAR fame. We had a nice chat and they rumbled off. He was not embarrassed or upset we recognized him. No pictures, no autographs. Just another car guy having a great day at Hershey. If you spotted anyone of note, please chime in.

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  8. Please don’t complain about the weather, it was perfect. Please don’t complain about the crowds, they were moderate. Please don’t complain it’s all post-war stuff, you could tell it is a staging point for Hershey.


    Yes, the north field was sparsely populated and there are scattered vacancies in the other fields. Blame Covid, preparing for Hershey, or blame the internet.


    Still, a great swap meet and we enjoyed 2 days of walking, talking, and buying! Did I mention the display of AACA cars on the stage?

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  9. Here are my favorites:


    1. we have a long driveway and a 2-car attached garage. They leave the package just outside the garage door-where it lines up perfectly with my wife’s rear tire.


    2. Pouring down rain, ignore the covered front and rear doors and leave the package outside without a plastic bag.


    3. My brother next door has a very big, and very friendly Chocolate Lab. Driver throws package out the window into the front yard and splits.


    Of course, these are the exceptions. The regular UPS driver stops and lets the Lab climb up into the passenger seat, makes his deliveries, and gives the dog his regular treat before he leaves.

  10. I ship with my local post office almost every day. They stumbled during the last holiday season and there was a real crisis at the large distribution centers.

    I try not to ship anything that is so valuable I would be heartbroken if it was lost.

    The vast majority of shipments go as planned.
    I live about 2 hours from Hershey. When my vendor space renewal was due, I drove to the Hershey post office and the lady there hand cancelled my envelop and placed it directly into the Region’s slot. 


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