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  1. Well it has been a long time since this thread had an update so here it is. The 1925 Indiana is all but finished with just a few things to do but it now runs and drives and has been out to a few car shows where it has won 1st place every time so far. I sometimes take it to a show and don't register it so I don't win and sometimes I can't get away long enough with so many people looking and asking questions! Time is hard to find so not a lot has been done to it since 2012 but I will finish the little things someday. It has gone about 80 miles so far under its own power driving around Winamac and Logansport Indiana and even made it to Marion where it was built but rode in the trailer for that trip. I will post a new picture of it here. This picture is now the background for both of my computers. Bob
  2. I thought I would update this post since I now have the "new" clutch parts in my truck and it is working fine! I have put about 7 or 8 miles on the truck so far and am now finishing up the small stuff and working the bugs out. It took me an extra year because I painted a 1964 Impala for a guy last summer and it took me all summer to do the body and paint work so I had to put my truck on hold. Now I have video of the first road test on you-tube with a link at the bottom of my web site. The answer to the original question of what does it fit is for me it fits a 1925 Indiana Truck. It might fit others too but I know it fits the truck now. Thanks Roger. Bob
  3. I have put off posting this until now so I would have some time to look things over and see how bad it is but here is what happened a week ago Friday. I have been working on the 25 Indiana a lot since the weather got back up into the 30's here and some of you know I had a problem last year getting the clutch to work right on the truck. Well, last summer I was able find the problem and fix it so the truck would drive and I could move it around so I pulled it out of the garage last week to air up the tires and clean the parking space so dust would not settle as soon as I cleaned the paint job and so I could get to my table saw and radial arm saw in the back of the garage. Everything went well and I was ready to start working on some wood parts I needed to make so I put the truck away and noticed the clutch was acting up again. After checking it over I found the pedal adjustment had moved so I thought I would fix it the next day when I pulled it back outside to work on it in the sun and so I could use my saws. I was able to adjust it with no real problem Friday and then went on to make some wood blocks to put under the running boards and since it was warm and sunny with no wind I put the top covering on the cab that I had bought over the winter so it would stretch tight. Everthing went real well and I felt like I was making good progress but it was getting late and I was worn out so I decided to put it away for the night so I took it out of gear and since I had removed the starter to rebuild it soon I went to the front and crank started it by hand. Then I got in and put it in gear and it started to move some so I pushed the clutch down more and it stopped just before the front tires were over the hump so I let out the clutch again and it walked right up and into the garage and when I felt the rear wheels bump over the hump I pushed the clutch in again and thats when it happened. NOTHING! I pushed it to the floor and the truck kept pulling so I hit the brakes hard and grabbed the shifter but the truck was under power and it would not come out of 1st gear and all I could do was hang on and try to kill it but I didn't have time. The truck smashed into the table saw and radial arm saw and shoved them both into the back wall and then walked up on top of some stuff I had on the floor. I was so shocked that it took me a few seconds to react and by then the truck was stopped, in gear, under full power, spinning both rear wheels on the garage floor. I killed it and then still had a hard time getting it out of gear but between my wife and me we were able to clear away some of the stuff that had fallen on the truck and under it and push it back. I have since started to repair the damage to one fender but I also messed up the headlight bars and radiator shell and crushed a headlight ring. The damage to the truck is not bad but the saws were not so lucky as they are now a twisted mess. I am real glad this didn't happen someplace else and that no one was hurt. I can fix everything on the truck back to as good as it was and still be able to do it with no body filler and in fact the sheet metal is already back in shape and just needs painted again now. I have found another clutch in California that I am working on getting sent to me and if it is good and is the same as mine it might help me solve the problems I have had but I don't know yet. This setup is nothing like anything I have seen and its hard to get it to work right. I think something came appart inside but I wont know till I pull the tranny off again and see what happened. This is just another setback to the 31 year project that I thought was close to an end.
  4. I pulled the cover off of my clutch in my 25 Indiana and found out I was wrong about the QX. It turns out it is a DX and stamped below that is 18 and I think 0 so it would be the same other than the 180 number. Since I crashed my truck into the back wall I now need this clutch to replace what I have that is not woking right. Bob
  5. Photo #2 in my first post and #1 and 2 in my second post is that Voyton truck sitting where you had seen it in 1995. The rear wheel was stuck so they could not move it. The new owner has the wheels free now but someone took the radiator after these pictures were taken and before he went to pick it up. I know the truck would be running if it were mine but he has never started it but I did turn it over by hand the day we were there. It now lives near Indianapolis Indiana. The guy I tried to buy it from when I first found out about it was Chuck Voyton. He gave me a price over the phone of "twenty five" I thought $2500 was a good price and was thinking of a road trip but when I said $2500 sounded fair he said, "No, twenty five thousand" As Paul Harvey would say, Now you know the rest of the story! LOL Bob
  6. Send me a message if you want to sell the parts you have of this. I might be able use some of it as a spare for my truck. I think it is close enough to the one in my truck and might work if I have any more problems with the one I have. Bob
  7. Frank, Funny you should metion the Voyton truck because that was it in my pictures in the building. I tried to buy the truck but they wanted a stupid price for it so it went with the building to a forclosure company of some kind. The truck offered for sale a few years later on ebay and was sold to a guy in Indiana where it now sits in his building. I have since seen it in person and took pictures and measurements of the bed for a patteren to build the bed on my 1925. I had pictures of that truck on my computer for about 10 years and even had factory drawings of that bed before I ever saw the pictures of it so when it came home to Indiana I had to go see it in person. As far as I know the Voytons never got a dime out of the truck but it sold for good money on ebay. Karl, You may have been talking to me a few years ago when I had seen or knew of maybe 10 of these trucks built before the company sold in 1928 to Brockway and later to White in 1932. I have seen several of the White built Indiana's from 1932 to 1939 but very few built by the original Harwood/Barley Indiana Truck Corp. in Marion Indiana from 1910 to 1927. One new one shows up from time to time but of the ones I know of which is still less than 20, I would guess we wont see many more pop up. I know of the ones I have seen in the last 30 years, no two have been 100% alike but some models are close. It has been real fun finding parts because of this and when you don't have an old part to go by it is even more fun. I was lucky to have most of the hard to find parts but none were easy. The best thing I ever found was another 1925 model 11 that had a vin number just 40 off from mine that was real close to what I have. It is still owned by the original family that bought it new and it has been repainted but not restored so it was a great help to me. Now maybe I can take my truck for its first road test in 70 years this summer since I have not had out of my yard yet. Bob
  8. Hi Roger, That looks close to what my 1925 Indiana has in it but mine is a type GX. You are missing some important parts but some of what you have might be good for parts. Are you thinking of selling it or just asking what it is? I will look to see if I have any info on the DX. My guess would be it fits an old commercial type truck that would have been 1 ton or more.
  9. What you have is a picture of about a 1917 or 1918 Model D 2 ton Indiana truck. The hood tells me it can't be 1916 or older and this truck looks to be worm drive. I am including a few pictures of an Indiana from back in its day and a shot of a 1920 I know of in a building before it was offered for sale a few years back. The emblems picture is from the truck that is now on ebay before it was restored. I also included a picture of the emblem from the side of the hood of my 1925 Indiana and the last picture is my 1916 Indiana the day after I got it home. Hope this helps. Bob
  10. If you change your mind Scott and want someone to keep it as it is and just get it running, let me know! Bob
  11. Where did the last several posts go from this thread?????
  12. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Ozstatman</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Bob, Love your Indiana truck. From all accounts it's been a labor of love, dedication and persistance, 1980 to date is a looong time. A question though - The front part of the frame you found, was that from your truck or another truck?</div></div> Sorry it took so long to get back here. The frame I have is made up of 3 frames and two parts I had made. Only the rear half and part of the middle are from my original frame from my truck. The bad thing about restoring something that no body else has is you don't have a pattern when parts are missing so it takes a long time to find what you don't know you are missing. In this case I knew I needed a frame but how long and what did it look like? When my fenders fit the bolt holes I knew it was the right one. Bob
  13. Mine was/is a 1925 Indiana Truck I found in the loft of a barn in 1980. I am still working on it and I hope to be able to drive it for the first time next year! Bob
  14. I saw somewhere that the first diesel powered truck was an Indiana that was run cross the US in the early 30's. By that time the Indiana Truck Co. was owned by White.