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  1. Oakland, I have a spare set of these gaskets if you are still looking. Same as my '28. Doug.
  2. Wording on tire: The Advanced Six; Extra Heavy 6.00 - 6.50 19 Heavy; Six Ply; Pennsylvania Rubber Co. Jeannette PA. Quite good condition; good tread. Great display piece or use. $50 and I will delivery to Hershey. DougPegg@rogers.com. 905 939-8735.
  3. I am parting out the above. Many excellent parts including maroon interior. My current drivers are 1988 760 and 1986 740 5 speed Turbo - both with about 350,000 miles. dpegg@energyalternatives.ca
  4. Jerdanco, I have an original truck rack for the '30 Oldsmobile. dpegg@energyalternatives.ca
  5. Darren, what is the tire size on the two wheels in your first posting? Thanks. dpegg@energyalternatives.ca
  6. Dave, I have this book, and would consider selling it. Please email me for more info. dpegg@energyalternatives.ca Doug. (Canada)
  7. Oakland. The 1929 model did not have an eagle rad cap. Earlier years, yes, and '30 and '31 also had eagle caps. The 1929 had a plain chromed cap - no ornament. Doug 1928 Oakland.
  8. LR. Please give me the measurement between the two connection points for the bars, and the diameter of the mounting studs. I will compare with a surplus set I have. Doug Pegg. 905 939-8735.
  9. Gear, Can you give me the casting number on the head and on the block. I have an Olds motor about that vintage. Doug Pegg. 905 939-8735.
  10. Complete with mounting brackets. Nice condition. Sandblasted and primed. $300.
  11. Any body style will be considered. Thanks. 905 939-8735
  12. Any body model will be considered. Thanks. Doug Pegg. 905 939-8735
  13. I have a spare correct air reflector / cone for the '29 Oakland. Please contact me if interested. Thanks. dpegg@idirect.com
  14. Oakland, The '29 Pontiac and '29 Oakland have different distributors and different caps. I do have an extra NOS '29 Oakland cap. Please email me if interested. Doug Pegg. dpegg@idirect.com
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