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  1. Oakland, I have a spare set of these gaskets if you are still looking. Same as my '28. Doug.
  2. Wording on tire: The Advanced Six; Extra Heavy 6.00 - 6.50 19 Heavy; Six Ply; Pennsylvania Rubber Co. Jeannette PA. Quite good condition; good tread. Great display piece or use. $50 and I will delivery to Hershey. 905 939-8735.
  3. I am parting out the above. Many excellent parts including maroon interior. My current drivers are 1988 760 and 1986 740 5 speed Turbo - both with about 350,000 miles.
  4. Jerdanco, I have an original truck rack for the '30 Oldsmobile.
  5. Darren, what is the tire size on the two wheels in your first posting? Thanks.
  6. Dave, I have this book, and would consider selling it. Please email me for more info. Doug. (Canada)
  7. Oakland. The 1929 model did not have an eagle rad cap. Earlier years, yes, and '30 and '31 also had eagle caps. The 1929 had a plain chromed cap - no ornament. Doug 1928 Oakland.
  8. LR. Please give me the measurement between the two connection points for the bars, and the diameter of the mounting studs. I will compare with a surplus set I have. Doug Pegg. 905 939-8735.
  9. Gear, Can you give me the casting number on the head and on the block. I have an Olds motor about that vintage. Doug Pegg. 905 939-8735.
  10. Complete with mounting brackets. Nice condition. Sandblasted and primed. $300.
  11. Any body style will be considered. Thanks. 905 939-8735
  12. Any body model will be considered. Thanks. Doug Pegg. 905 939-8735
  13. I have a spare correct air reflector / cone for the '29 Oakland. Please contact me if interested. Thanks.
  14. Oakland, The '29 Pontiac and '29 Oakland have different distributors and different caps. I do have an extra NOS '29 Oakland cap. Please email me if interested. Doug Pegg.