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  1. The wreck on the right might be a Model T "Landaulet" - a "Formal T" that was discontinued by WW I.
  2. Any idea where the photo of the Caddy was taken ? ( It's wearing chains, and looks to be in snow.... anybody recognize that capitol building ?)
  3. Sheesh. "Garbage wagon" is more like it, with all those lights and everything glommed on there ! Is that a DELCO lighting plant on the splash apron in front of the driver's door ? The 1940's version of "Wrecked". Okay, to get serious for a minute.... I think the tow-wagon is built on a GMC cab & chassis. ( The Budd wheels definitely look like those used by GMC in the 1930's and early '40s). The grille-guard is home-made, the headlights look like they were cabbaged off a La France fire-engine. I think it is a custom creation, perhaps built from several wreckers / car- carriers. Surprise
  4. That's a BEAUTIFUL Phaeton, Paul ! From what I recall when I was running my '48 New Yorker as my daily driver, the spotlight was indeed brighter than my headlights ( sealed-beams )... The headlights on my '28 Ford are pretty good ( when they work ! )... I would consider a period "Sport-lite"...
  5. I have recently been reading some 1920's auto advertising literature that refer to the aimable windshield-pillar mounted light as a "sportlight"... I love those "free-standing" running-board mounted spots such as Ivan mentioned... I believe I've seen a few of those on 1920's fire trucks...
  6. Bryan, I actually put one on my '48 New Yorker around 1988. It was a "vintage" Firestone spot with a 6 inch lamp. Afterwards, I regretted doing it, as I did not have a template, and put it too far up the A-pillar. It WAS handy, especially when I was travelling in unfamilar territory and needed to read street signs at night. They were a popular accessory up into the 1960's, and many car makers offered "authorized" acessory spotllights. These usually mounted to the door frame. In the mid-1950's, I believe Ford began combining the spotlight with a rear-view mirror. The fad that REALLY baffles m
  7. 1924 Cadillac 5-passenger Landau. The "bird" on the radiator is an aftermarket ornament.... My first thought was Chrysler, but the "loop" door handles and combination of oval quarter window and landau irons identify it as a Caddy. Wonder if they closed-in around the boom on the back, or just left a gaping hole in the coachwork ?
  8. Top two trucks are C-series Internationals (1934-37), the stake body is probably a C-30 or C-35; have to check into the tractor. I used to have a C-35 that once was a beverage truck belonging to the local Royal Crown distributor... neat trucks... in those years, IHC painted the frames bright red. They were also equipped with electric wiper ! :cool:
  9. Dean, Beautfiul, beautiful car. I have always through that the '29 -'32 Hupps were among the nicest "Art Deco" cars. Check out the thead on the Tech Forum for brighter headlights, look for Ply 33's post. You Californians have ALL the nice cars ! Too bad that cop didn't have anything better to do... although she raised a good point about making your Hupp visible to others ! Thanks for Sharing ! De Soto Frank
  10. ROTFL ! Keep 'em coming ! So much better than the "talking heads" on the "Speed" network... My favorite thus far is the "fat lady w/ bad ankles"...
  11. "Corners like a bull-elk on ice..."
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