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  1. Hi I need a service manual for our 1953? Austin Princess Limo. If anyone has one or a copy of one please send me what you want for it. and postage. send to markgolding@live.com or crankerscollection@gmail.com Thank You.
  2. When can I get new spaces. I am looking for 4 spaces in the Green fields, I would like to get my old ones back but understand they might be taken. Please let me know when the spaces will be for sale I looked in this months issue of Antique Automobile but don't see anything mentioned. Mark G
  3. I need help Iding this car What is this car What type of car and year do you think this is? Thank You
  4. Hi I manage Cranker's Collection of Mechanical Marvels here in Pa , We have moved but in the mean time we have a few issuses. My first question is about Anti freeze, Most of the cars have antifreeze in them but we were wondering if it's a good thing to leave them full, the cars do not run or most of them don't . It is better to store the cars with antifreeze in them or drain them? What's your feeling on this? The second question is the cars have a coating of wood and other dust on them what is the best way to clean them, I know not to just wipe them off, They are all in the new building, washing them would have been the right way to do them.Washing them inside would be a major project. If you want to see the new place here's a link I will be adding more pictures later this week. Cranker's Collection of Mechanical Marvels
  5. Thank You all for your coments, I'm looking for a True Model T Bus or something like it that I can restore. The picture I posted was just the idea of what I was looking for the old Model T Book I have shows a bus and I'm sure Model A's were made into buses also. $85,000 for a Model A Bus??? Ok it's been modenized. I can see that but that's not the quaint type of look I was looking for. If any one know of an old bus on a Model A or T chassis please let me know where it is. Mark G
  6. Hi All, I am looking for this bus to restore or one like the one in this picture. I think it's a Model A or mid '30's type Ford but not sure . Can anyone Id it for me and if any one knows of a restoration canadate please let me know. Seems the picture does not want to work so here's the address for it. http://www.crankersantiquelimo.us/bus.htm
  7. Hi I am looking for a hood supprt for my 1937 Cadillac sedan . The unit mounts uner the support rods then flips up to hold the back corner of the hood. I need the unit for the right side of the car. But would consider both sides if you have them. if any one has one for sale please contact me. markgolding@live.com
  8. Hi All just wondering why so many of the old cars had two spare tires? Does anyone know what the real story behind having two is? Thanks Mark G
  9. Thank Yo I'll try them also. If anyone wishes to come see our collection please just email me I'll be more than happy to show it anyone or group. markgolding@live.com or check out the website at www.crankers.info
  10. Does any one know of any one that owns one of these big touring cars. I need some starting help on the one we have in our collection. Thanks in advance. Also need help with a 1915 Saxon. Same thing need to know how to start it after sitting for 15 years. Mark
  11. Hi Does anyone know Ray Kryeski? He was mentioned in an article where they mentioned the history of a 1955 Cadillac owned by Ike Eisenhower. If he's still aorund I would like to make contact with him. In this article it mentioned some photos of Ike and this Cadillac. I would love to get a copy of them. I have the so mentioned Cadillac in our collection . Mark Golding
  12. Hi All I run Cranker's Collection of Classic cars here in Sterling,Pa , Where can I get complete histories of the Cadillacs I have in the collection. Also where do you find the serial number on a 1937 Cadillac? Also I have one 1955 Cadillac limo that was supposely owned by Dwight E Esienhower But I'm not sure since I have no paper work actully stating that. I need the histories on these cars. I have 4 Cadillacs in the collection . Thanks in advance , Mark Golding www.crankers.info
  13. Hi All, I am now the manager of the Cranker's Collection of Mechanical Marvels , here in Sterling, Pa . www.crankers.info We have 26 or so cars on our display floor and I was wondering what you all recommend on storage of these cars , I have found fluids under some of the cars some look like anti freeze other look like rear end fluid or engine oil. We are storing these cars inside a heated building what do you do recomend? Drain out the antifreeze or leave it in? I'm not going to drain engine oil but I will be checking the seals etc on the rear axles and engines or put large pans under the cars. I'm also thinking of draining the fuel out of them any recommendations? Mark Golding
  14. It's actually more cars than Music boxes and theater but it's in the same building , there is also going to be a Carosel eventually with More cars. But it really doesn't matter what's in the muesum. the question was what do you expect from a muesem when you go and visit it? You can look at cars at any car show or at Local events but What do you expect from Museums? not just car or Music box ones but any?? I'm looking for ideas of what folks expect when visiting museums. Like when you go the Smithsonian why are you going? etc. I want to make this the best of what it is. and need help that's why I asked.
  15. Hi All, I was asked to run a new Museum here in North Eastern Pa and I would like some ideas, My general question is what do you expect from a museum when you go and visit them? Just so you know Yes there are cars in this Museum and Music Boxes and an old time movie theater.
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