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  1. Looked at their site only list Willys-Knight and Jeep nothing about 37-42 cars. Dropped them a email, will see what they can tell me. Thanks for the lead, Jim
  2. Hi, Got a 37 Willys 134 that has some frozen valves and want to get a head gasket before I remove the head. Heard 37 was a 1 year only because of head bolt locations, is thus true? Found one on ebay: Victor 756-c, but says 26-39, anyone confirm this? Thanks in advance for any information Regarfs, Jim
  3. Hi, Been trying to get some information about the difference in between years, as my knowledge on these cars is very limited, and wanted to familiarize myself on them as always loved their styling. From my understanding all the frames and bodies interchangeable yet seen things like wheelbase is different 37-39 100" 40 102" 41-42 104" So how was this accomplished with the same parts, different springs? Regards, Jim
  4. hey could you send me any photo's or send me a phone number As I am in Michigan Lapeer/Imlay city area thanks Jim jmos4@netzero.net
  5. where is it located? any rot? what options why no title? got any pictures jmos4@netzero.net thanks Jim
  6. I might be interested in it email me your address and will go from there jmos4@netzero.net do you have any photo's? thanks Jim
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