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  1. John Maine and DJ The point of horrible looking was the main reason we restored a 62 Dart when I managed to have one presented to me.
  2. Have been thru all of the links and from what I see, it seems to be mostly Buick oriented, plus a lot of misc stuff. Big question, any Packard stuff worth going after.
  3. It's kind of hard to go junk yard pickin when there is no location given. I may have missed it.
  4. Packards42: I am curious as to whom you are responding to????? ALK
  5. I would call first and make an appointment especially if it is a 3 hour or more trip.
  6. I re-read all of the previous posts and I did not see one line in there that said "you have have to collect any car based on somebody elses idea of what is collectable". everybodys idea is different, so collect what you want. I believe the question was "what FWD cars do anyone think will be collectable?". Let's stick to that question.
  7. None. I think we can see the day when the 25 year guideline is going to go by the way side. Cars from the late 80's and early 90's are strictly from hunger. They may be considered antique by AACA guidelines but I would not hold my breath waiting for cars to show up for those classes. You are just not going to be able to find all of the computer junk necessary to get them running. If they have been locked in an air-controlled environment and only have 25 miles on them then well maybe, but don't try to drag one from a field and try to restore it.
  8. If you ever do this around Atlanta let me know. I have a 1956 pink and black Dodge Custom Royal Lancer 4dr hardtop that would look well. ALK
  9. What is the pickup address. My daughter lives in Rochester as did I at one time. I might be able to enlist her aid. There GVACS AACA, and Wayne Drumlins AACA in the area and maybe some one in those groups that could help ALK
  10. Yup Same here. All of the dealers were with a bike ride from home. All the kids would wait until the opening day in 1956/57 when all the forward look fin cars were introduced. Think about the way they do it/or don't do it now. They introduce a 2013 in February of 2012. Sure you have a future car now and the sales person does a real good sales(snow) job on you about that. But then 2013 rolls around and you want to trade it in on a 2014 car and that same miserable cretan of a sales person now beats you over the head and disparages the car because this 2013 car has excessive mileage on it. Go figure.
  11. Hech I've got food stains on my ties that are older than that. welcome to the old farts club anyway Al:D:rolleyes::eek:
  12. If you go to e-bay you can do a search and find 2 other riv convertible with prices a lot lower than that. They may not be in as good condition but for the difference in price you could afford to do whatever needs to be done.
  13. You might also consider the Dodge Darts of the middle 60's, especially with the slant-6, talk about bullet-proof. great styling, economical, parts are readily available and not expensive, I have had my 65 GT convertible since 1983 and it gets raves anytime I take it out. Just another opinion to add.
  15. Well 5 steps forward, 8 steps back. After getting the car home, I found the carbs spitting fuel like tobacco juice. So it is time to bite the bullet. They lasted long enough to haul it around back and forth for repair and such now I will have to have them both rebuilt, will be sending them to Daytona for the job.
  16. best advice is get one that is as close to done as you can afford. Maybe something that just needs a few minor cosmetics and such. A lot less headaches.
  17. It may have been another poster, but this same question I believe was asked someplace. The answer is Mike Dulinski up in Duluth Minn. Don't even waste time checking elsewhere, He DA man.
  18. I realize that the man was not an AACA member but nonetheless anybody who knew him cannot deny his contribution to the Mopar end of the car world. Brian Bayer of the Bayer Boys in Atlanta passed away early on 1/7 after a bout with pancreatic cancer. Anything Mopar was within his sphere of knowledge at least from the late 40's on up. He will be missed. ALK
  19. If bad rep and someone having died it, is a criteria, I'm surprised no one has mentioned the "Bonnie and Clyde" death car.
  20. Go with a motorhome, but a Class-A diesel pusher. I cannot speak to a Class-C diesel having never owned one. Stay away from a V-10 Ford. They are notorious for blowing plugs right out of the heads. And the tow rating is no better than the 460 or the 454 or even the dodge 440. Diesel is the best. I dis-agree about the price of motels and such, equaling the gas of the coach. That might be true if you stay in a roach motel, but you can't get a decent one for much under $70 and your stuck with restaurants and you most likely won't find one that is near where you want to be. With my Cat diesel and a 100 gal tank, sure if you are empty when you fill up the shock will hit you but you won't have to fill up for 800 miles or so. If you plan your trip well in advance you pop 20 gals a week over a period of time and be ready to go. As someone else said your own sheets with your own DNA on them, your own food when you want it, your pets(our main reason). The trick is finding one in good shape at a decent price. The trade off is you can get a newer gas coach but not be able to pull what you want or get an older diesel and pull whatever. Also don't be alarmed at a higher mileage on the odeometer, I just bought a 2000 Georgie boy diesel pusher with 75,000 on it. With a diesel that is hardley broken in, you can look for over 100,000 on it an then some. When I bought our last coach it had 22k on it and when we traded it in on the diesel we only about 50K. so 28K in 4 years. Thats 7000 a year. With that kind of travel in 4 years this will not have but a little over 100,ooo on it and still be running strong. ALK PS BTW your located in a fairly good part of the country for buying, but better yet is to look in Florida. The snowbirds come down and sell their motorhome to mobile home dealers as trade-ins on the mobile homes. Then the dealers have to get rid of them.
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