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  1. I bought a 55 Patrician parts car some years back and it had the trunk mounted unit in it and that was all. I removed it and installed in my Patrician. Some time later I ran across an NOS Lehigh v-twin compressor on E-bay for $200. Right now it is sitting in the shop, because I have run into a stall on the mounting brackett and pulley. It will happen eventually.
  2. Again I won't swear to it, but i do not think I have ever seen a 67 on up with anything but 14". 13" would look so awkward.
  3. I won't swear to it but I think the 67's came with 14" tires. They a bigger than the 63-66 series. As was stated most if not all mechanical parts should fit, but for body parts don't even hope for it. The major parts maybe, doors, fenders, lids etc. but the small parts almost nothing fits between 67-69. Have fun and enjoy
  4. I was at the museum back in the 70's and have many pictures both inside and out..
  5. Out of 1427 lookers, not one of you needs these parts???? O.K. price reduction to $500/or make offer. I don't want these to go to the junk yard, but I may not have much choice.
  6. I was actually in that museum back in the early 80's and have some pictures somewhere. It was difficult because the cars were all behind chicken wire stalls and were all very dusty. However they were all old cars and not a muscle car in the lot(thank God). I was sorry to hear of the museums demise. The town of Bridgewater should have found a way to keep the place going and made it a tourist attraction of it.
  7. I have a piece of software that I use on the 3.5 windows machine that I still use. It has been quite valuable in keeping track of not only the cost of materials, parts, and supplies but also it allows keeping track of the various vendors that I have done business with in case I have to go back to them for some reason.
  9. I don't know of any other forums but there is a museum of transportation in Massachusetts, Brookline I think. I was sending him a lot of my double prints when I took photos at car shows. They may have something there.
  10. I had a 76 like that. Man that car was like driving your living room. It would pass anything but a gas station. It had the little light on the gas guage that would go on when you were at a point where you better be coasting into a gas station. I was involved in 2 accidents within 5 minute of each other in icy conditions in Rochester N.Y. years ago and still drove it home. Had it up and running the next day. Man what a beast of a car. Don't see to many of them any more. That wagon site was mostly 21st century stuff. I did not see anything old. Years ago in the late 60's and early 70's
  11. Count is up to 611. that is probably close to the number of parts that I have.
  12. I just hate it when they put those deformed women in car pictures, but I guess the handicapped have to make a living somehow.
  13. Very interesting Packard indeed. Steve got the PM and made the entry thanks. P.S. However this brings up an interesting bit of possibility. I went out to IMDb and did a search on Packard. It brought up 46 individuals named Packard. Now there is no way for me to quickly verify if any of these individuals are in any way related to the Packard Brothers. However they are(in a loose way) "Packards in the Movies". What would your thoughts and opinions on my including them in the roster, albeit under a different heading. There was also a movie made in 1916 called "The Resurrection of Dan Packa
  14. The only way I would have seen it would have been by accident, I normally don't watch the Marx bros. Could never stand Groucho!!!!!! I will add it to the list. Thanks P.S. Steve send me your last name so I can add it to the contributors Bibliography.
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