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  1. Keith Are you still going to be at Hershey? Tom
  2. HessLakeGuy


    Carolyn and I are going again this year. Getting my walking shoes ready........ Tom
  3. I agree on the Liberty Bell tour, that might be worth it because the hassles of big city parking. Just so happens I saw two of our friends that were on one of the Springfield tours today at a car show in Muskegon, MI. He told me that indeed they did get a $$$ refund once they got back home............. That AACA Museum has a Tucker display that is worth both the price and effort it takes to get there. We are going back in a few weeks during the fall Hershey meet.
  4. We got back from the International Edsel Club convention in late July. They also offer tours during their show, and they were flawless in all aspects......they were fun. The meet. Was in Louisville, KY. A cruise on the Ohio River, a tour of the Louisville, KY Ford Auto assembly plant and a free luncheon provided by the local Ford Union were offered. Anyway, some members said the Buick tours at the Springfield meet were disappointing. Any word on how this was handled afterwords? Were there refunds issued? These can be expensive and we had heard rumors that next years tours would be better. Just trying to decide for next years Buick tours....
  5. Have a set of four brand new hubcaps in their boxes. Bought them before I retired, so they have been carefully stored for a number of years. Might be just what you need. Let me know if you can use them on your vehicle. Price is $625.00 shipped to your door. Reply To: reattaman3@sbcglobal.net if interested! Tom
  6. You are correct Jim, that car is not too far from where I live. That one has 130,000+ more miles than mine does. Even though it is close by I did not know it even existed. Tom
  7. Nice to see everyone, and nice to meet you Kevin. We just got home this afternoon. Went to the WalMart Museum and Chrystal Bridges Museum in Arkansas, then onto the Lincolm Museum in Springfield, Illinois. Drove over 2,000 miles altogether. Thanks to everyone for the birthday greetings on Saturday, and to Kathy and Chuck for shopping for the birthday cake/card that ended our annual meeting. That was very nice of you. Tom
  8. You will have to stop by my cottage some time soon. I store my cars right near your house, at least three of the Reattas are there. Tom
  9. I like both types. The 1991 wheels are a bit harder to find, as it took me years to put together a perfect set of four. Tom
  10. Is Moorland, Michigan near Muskegon? I did a lot of land surveying there while I was a college student, a decent summer job. Tom
  11. Marck i will be on the lookout for you. Doesn't the BCA also have a spot at Hershey? Tom
  12. Been to Carlisle a few times, going to Hershey this year. Is anybody else going? Tom
  13. He was in South Bend last year. Nice guy to talk to. Tom
  14. When I first got out of college I worked for an OEM supplier of engine parts to GM engine plants. If I remember correctly, GM always has/had two suppliers churning out the same part for them all the time. (In some cases, we knew what our percentage of the market we had with each engine.). Also, the UAW contracts for us and our competitors had to be staggered so there would be at least one vendor making parts. Now, this was years ago, but it might help explain the color difference........different suppliers.
  15. Nice meet, cool weather and now we can put a few more names to faces on this site. Plus, we saw some cars we had never seen before. Tom
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