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  1. You folks are not afraid to drive your cars. I've heard stories from those I know from down under of long travels to your tours and mostly on rough roads. I'm guessing that Cled and Alan Sharpe were there?
  2. Sounds like fun! And how far did you drive to get TO the tour? I recognize the license topper on the '35 touring.
  3. So how many miles did you drive? I don't think I've ever seen a Standard Six touring before. Thanks for the pictures.
  4. I think at that time rear bumpers were an option. All my father's old trucks had a home made rear bumper if any at all. Doubt if you find one, but good luck.
  5. Measure the outside diameter and then go to a real parts store. A sbc thermostat fits my '29 DB and works the way it should.
  6. Solar did make generators. I need one for a project I am working on model 1012. I have another, not sure there's a name, that I will trade. It appears to be complete.
  7. Watch the oil pressure, it MAY have lost it's prime. As has been said, if it has compression , spark, and gas it will run.
  8. Sak, before you go any farther buy an owner's manual. They are referred to as Book of Information. You want one printed just before your cars production date. DB didn't change at a specific time of year, made constant changes all the time. The BofI will answer most all your mechanical questions. They aren't like a Bentley but pretty much tell you what you need to drive and maintain. Go to the DB club website and look at the production dates, determine what month your car was built then get the manual printed soonest? before that date. Some manuals are available through AACA library. Look at th
  9. From Myers catalog there were only 75519 standard sixes built, from Feb 29 to Dec. 31 of 1929. With four cylinder cars the engine number is approximately 50,000 higher then the serial number, no idea on standard sixes. The body number is usually the sequence number of the particular body you have, like the 830th sedan built. The serial number of J 60,000 says it was built in October. IF, and that's a BIG IF, the engine number is this J60,000 number you reference it COULD mean the CAR serial number is actually around J10,000 making it built in March-April. Contact Tom Myers to find out where th
  10. I do not think any DB or GB used this type of vacuum tank. The DBC store carries a copy of the instruction manual for the correct SW vacuum tank, think it might be $8.
  11. No, DA had it's own engine as did Victory. And to clarify the " standard" that I am and I THINK Panelbeater is talking about is the Standard Six. It's short lived model.
  12. Panelbeater, we just had two 1928 standard sedans at the Macungie, Pa. show in early August. They are quite rare in this country too, and it was a good sight to see two sit side by side.
  13. A 10,004 distributor is the same as other DB's from '18 up had. you should be able to find one local.
  14. My '52 F3 has the same N on the tag and has the original green paint on it.
  15. I'm not real sure why you want your drums turned. You say the car has set for 40 years, but the drums do not have grooves and aren't rusted real bad. You've already found out they are one year drums and being for wire wheels would also effect the rarity.WHy not drive the car and see if they need turning.I've found warped drums that are turned often warp easier again because they are now thinner.
  16. That would be early Feb. '29. 10,000 was built Jan.25 and 20000 was feb.14.
  17. If you give the partial number I can give you a build date, leave off the last two digits if you want.
  18. That's a DA standard sedan, nice looking car to start with. Doesn't look like it would take much. I have a '29 sport sedan, which has wire wheels, but is very similar to yours. The serial number SHOULD be attached to the floorboard at passenger's feet. In your dashboard pic, pull the floormat down up in the righthand corner, should be there. I'd really like to see a closeup of that floormat. Someone is trying to repro them. Maybe lay a tape measure in the picture for scale. I'd like to know exact width of ribs, border, etc. The original carbs were made of pot metal, zinc, and fell apart. Sever
  19. Jim, try Autocolorlibrary online, they may have it. Or contact Walter Miller, he specialises in paint chips and advertises in the DBC newsletter. I think he's in N.Y., comes to Hershey show. I dealt with him years ago, is a good guy.
  20. This IS a joke, right? A 1929 Mercedes Gazelle is a flipping VW kit car, VW floorpan and engine! How could this possibly be called a second generation collector car?
  21. I've seen several articles about them, amazing workmanship. Are they still in one collection? Thought I'd read they were sold.
  22. Sounds like it could have possibly been a four passenger coupe. They had a fixed drivers seat, a jump seat for the front passenger, and a 3/4 rear seat with a LARGE glove box on the left. Sound familiar?
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