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  1. I welded the cast iron piece that ties the right and left manifold with the tail pipe on my 347 Pontiac engine in my '57 GMC. Not pretty but if it holds, it'll be outa sight and outa mind...LOL:) Getting ready to see if she'll fire up one of these days. Rod
  2. many 40s, 50s and 60s cars too with 68 being the newest car eligible this year, I believe. Thanks for looking. Rod van Pelt
  3. Safety inspection done the Thursday before by the Ne.state patrol is fun to watch. Rod
  4. Plan to attend the Sugar Valley rally in Scottsbluff, Nebraska the first weekend in June. Click on the links below for more info. Sugar Valley Rally - Home Page Nebraska's Landmark Country Thanks, Rod van Pelt
  5. I drove by this car yesterday. It looks like it's still for sale. Rod
  6. I drove by this car yesterday. Looks like it's still for sale. Rod
  7. Yep, too nice of a trailer to be just sitting still. Good bargaining chip. What's it worth? Rod
  8. Well, the car is still there. Looks like the serial number is KS 398E. Thanks, Rod
  9. Well, the car is still there. Looks like the serial number is KS 398E. Thanks, Rod
  10. I'll do that first chance I get, Speedstreaks, but the pick up is in a friend's shop that has agreed to let me store it there during these cold months. He has a little different work schedule than I do so it's not real handy being there, but at least it's not out in the weather. I did get the title changed over to me so that is one less thing to worry about. I'm not quite so hesitant in spending money on it now. I hope to get it running and the master cylinder rebuilt in the next month or so. Rod
  11. Thanks, Speedstreaks. I have recently got a driver's side window and wing and hope to get them put in when the weather warms up. Rod
  12. Yes, it has a 347 V8 Pontiac motor. I think it was only used in the 57s. Rod
  13. Hi, Lunaperra. I'm sorry to hear of your Dad's passing. I lost my Dad a year ago next month and understand the bitter sweet feelings you are probably experiencing with all of those memories of your Dad. There aren't very many hours during the day but what I don't see something or do something that brings back memories of my Dad or an event we shared as we farmed together some 35 years not counting my 18 childhood years at home. In my opinion, I really think a forum is nicer than a blog as I enjoy others' input such as Marty Roth sharing their experience with your Dad and loved hearing your reaction to it. I know I enjoy hearing experiences others have had with my Dad. Like someone mentioned, I'm 64 and don't do any blogging but do enjoy these forums. Thank you for sharing memories of your Dad, although I never had the pleasure of meeting him. Rod
  14. Letters/cards from dealers interest me. Straying a little from the thread's topic though. I apologize. I got this one from a friend today. A little lesson in inflation. Rod
  15. Ooops forgot the "Dodge Boys" which I happen to be a member of.
  16. Yep! GMC's Hydamatic and Dynaflo come to mind,
  17. When you opened the hood though you saw so much wasted space between the front bumper and the front of the motor. the depth of the dash, and a bigger than any body needed trunk. When gasoline prices began to dramatically rise, American engineers tried many things to get the weight down in cars as gas almost doubled in a very short time from the early 70s to the mid 70s. For an example: I remember in the mid 80s new Ford pickups had a frame with a lot of holes punched in them to cut the weight, which seemed to me to be counter productive 'cause many pictures were shown with buckled frames of those trucks. Not to mention the many plastic parts that makers began to use. And we all know plastic is made from...PETROLEUM. This, IMHO, drove a lot of buyers away from Ford. I don't want to start an argument here between the Ford, Chevy, Dodge and Toyota folks. I'm sure other companies did similar things like that I'm just remembering the many changes many of us have seen and our seeing America dominating the car industry world wide in the early 20s with many car companies to where we are now having only 3:confused:. Rod
  18. For sure!! A couple feet taken off the wheelbase of those "battleships or Sherman tanks", as they have been called, has made a big difference in "that ride" too. :mad: Rod