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  1. A friend of mine is looking for the rear body sheet metal that includes the rear window of a 2 door 1928-31 Chevy sedan. He says he can make a model A Ford body work also. He is in North Carolina and doesn't have email, so please call him. Ask for Bill. phone 828-424-0640.

    Thank you for your help.:)

    Rod van Pelt

  2. Rod:

    I listed one like this on ebay. Check it out in the Dodge Brothers parts.

    Good luck on your Dodge Brothers.


    Dean, if this is your item, thanks for listing but mine is held onto bumper bracket with 2 bolts instead of 1 as pictured in Robert's post.

    Thanks for your help. Maybe someone on here needs one like yours.

    Rod van Pelt

    Dodge Brothers Tail light license plate holder Kansas 1942 Plymouth Graham-Paige | eBay

  3. Thanks guys. I ordered me the red tube from Got to watch the rip offs on the shipping. One seller was asking $6.95 for a tube and right before I hit the enter key to buy it I noticed that they were going to tack on $14.95 for shipping and handling. How "tacky" is that? Looking forward to using it on my 1930 Dodge DA bumpers and trim.

  4. Welcome aboard, Pappy! Gr8 looking car! A wealth of knowledge can be found here so don't be shy in asking for advice, parts, or anything. We love seeing these old DBs brought back to life. We also love pics so keep us posted on your progress.

    Enjoy your DB!

    Rod van Pelt

  5. Jason,

    Sorry I have been silent. A lot of travel this week and cranking up the laptop is the last thing on my mind when the day is done.

    I have to complain about Rod also. He too wouldn't wouldn't even take shipping reimbursement for the parts that he sent me. What a terrible bunch of guys!


    Hey, Dennis, we just love seeing these old DBs get back to their original selves whatever it takes.

    Rod van Pelt

  6. Dennis, here are pics of my cap. Not gr8 but will keep you from leaking grease while driving your car until you find a better one. You might be able to work out some of the dings and it may clean up pretty good.

    Let me know if it'll work for you . Better ones come up on EBAY occasionally.





  7. The lenses and buckets, repos and originals, come up occasionally on EBAY. I believe mine was plated because of being a DELUXE but others like in my pic were painted. The painted one came off of a Desoto so I believe Chrysler corp. cars all used the same Felite lamp as the DA Dodge series.


  8. Dennis, if you don't use the tail light bracket shaped like a walking cane, I would be interested in buying it.

    Thank you.

    Rod van Pelt

    Attached are the tail light brackets and plate holder that I have. Also, included a pic of the light assembly that came with the car. I'm pretty sure it isn't correct, including the light itself.

    Bob, thanks for the carb photos and the link for the running board info. I have the drawings made for the metal boards and will get on this next. Does anyone know the gauge of the metal? Sample I have is 20 guage.

    Jason, also thanks for the carb link. Was the trim guy you were trying to remember the same one in the link that Bob referenced?