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  1. This pic appeared on the CLC Forum today:


    Any idea where it was taken. No real reason, but I am guessing Detroit? Oops, just noticed the Nebraska Historical Society copyright. So, perhaps Omaha?

    I think this was taken in Lincoln, Ne.

    Glad this was posted. Ethanol wasn't supported by FDR like it should have been. Think where we would be now.

    Rod van Pelt

  2. I have a 347 V8 Pontiac motor in my 1957 GMC pickup, which came from the factory so equipped along with Hydramatic transmission. Dad bought it new in fall of 1957, passed a year and a half ago and I have just recently titled it in my name. I would like to know what weight oil to put in oiling tube near distributor and how much? I don't have owners/shop manual. I don't remember oiling this as a kid but maybe Dad did. It has sat about 25 yrs. but have run it just for a very short time to see if it's going to be worth fixing up

    Thank you for your help.

    Rod van Pelt

  3. Willkommen, Lothar. Schoenes Auto! Glad you found this site. There are many very knowledgeable guys here to help you with your car.

    Maybe I can help you explain the spelling of your name. German words that have a "th" combinations are pronounced as if there is only a "t". The "h" is silent.

    Hi Bill. You are talking about the "th" in my name. I even did'nt see it:confused:. We have it - like Günther, Walther..., Lothar but do not pronunce it. Sorry for that. Lothar

    I hope this helps.

    Rod van Pelt

  4. A friend of mine is looking for the rear body sheet metal that includes the rear window of a 2 door 1928-31 Chevy sedan. He says he can make a model A Ford body work also. He is in North Carolina and doesn't have email, so please call him. Ask for Bill. phone 828-424-0640.

    Thank you for your help.:)

    Rod van Pelt