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  1. Here's the Fisher tag off my Chevy cowl: Thanks, Rod van Pelt
  2. My 28 chevrolet (Fisher) doors have 2 belt lines. Thought that was what it was at first, but should have disc wheels for a chevy. Gas tank didn't look chevy either. I bet it's Fisher though. Rod
  3. Hi, Glenn. The pickup is in storage about 30 miles from here but I did find one on the web. Mine looks like this one but is white and red and no chrome. 1955-1957 GMC Fender Emblem – Jim Carter Truck Parts Hope this helps until I'm able to get a pic of mine. Rod
  4. LOL, Jason. Yep, no doubt they were on the way to Rawlins with her to do time. Glad I dont know her. Maybe cause she got a life sentence....or worse. Yep, looks like a Buick. Thanks, Keiser!
  5. Well, the guy is my great Uncle Cliff Noyes, Goshen Co.Wyoming sheriff, his wife Jeanette but don't know who the other ladies are. Pretty tough looking bunch, huh? LOL Bet you thought it might be more like Bonnie & Clyde. Rod
  6. I was going through some old family pics of my folks and came across this pic. Can anyone id this car? I think it might be a mid 20s Dodge but think there might be too many spokes on the wheel...not sure. Nice to have the car in pics to help date them but wish they would have stood behind it..LOL:) Thanks for your help. Rod
  7. Dad had a 59 chevy 1 1/2 ton Apache (I think that's what they called it) truck bought new with electric wiper. It could have been an option, not sure. Rod van Pelt
  8. I have my Dad's '57 GMC model 100 he bought new in '57 which came with a Pontiac 347 V8 engine with Hydramatic transmission. Rod van Pelt
  9. My '57 jimmy, V8 Pontiac 347 engine with hydramatic automatic tranny. Dad bought it new and holds a lot of memories. Thanks for posting your classics, folks.:cool: Rod van Pelt
  10. $50 for the left or driver's side plus shipping. Right side running board is SOLD. Thanks, Rod
  11. Front bumper and right (Passenger side) running board are sold. Thank you, Wess. Rod van Pelt
  12. Nice cars and trucks! Here is one of mine, 1930 Dodge DA Deluxe Coupe. Rod van Pelt
  13. I think this was taken in Lincoln, Ne. Glad this was posted. Ethanol wasn't supported by FDR like it should have been. Think where we would be now. Rod van Pelt
  14. I have a 347 V8 Pontiac motor in my 1957 GMC pickup, which came from the factory so equipped along with Hydramatic transmission. Dad bought it new in fall of 1957, passed a year and a half ago and I have just recently titled it in my name. I would like to know what weight oil to put in oiling tube near distributor and how much? I don't have owners/shop manual. I don't remember oiling this as a kid but maybe Dad did. It has sat about 25 yrs. but have run it just for a very short time to see if it's going to be worth fixing up Thank you for your help. Rod van Pelt
  15. Willkommen, Lothar. Schoenes Auto! Glad you found this site. There are many very knowledgeable guys here to help you with your car. Maybe I can help you explain the spelling of your name. German words that have a "th" combinations are pronounced as if there is only a "t". The "h" is silent. I hope this helps. Rod van Pelt
  16. Frank, you might register (free) and post this on Old Gas Station Collectibles - Primarily Petroliana and click on "shoptalk". This site has 13,644 registered old gas/oil collectors looking to buy such things. Good Luck. Rod van Pelt
  17. Thanks, Don. Yes I still have the front bumper. Rod 308-631-3497
  18. I have the threaded ring that holds the glass that covers the external (on tank) gas gauge on a 1928 Chevrolet National coach. It may fit other years and models. SOLD Thank you, Rod
  19. AWESOME!!! I hope my 57 GMC looks half this good some day. Rod van Pelt