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  1. We were within 25 miles of auction yesterday visiting the grandkids. I thought about going but didn't. After watching some on proxy bid and the History Channel, it's just as well we didn't fight the crowd of thousands of spectators and buyers with deep pockets. Local rumor here is that Jay Leno asked a local motel if he could rent most of it, was denied, got ***** and went back home without staying for the auction. Had he been there, I think the History Channel would have had him on. Maybe it was true, don't know. link to results: Rod Rod
  2. Thanks, Jason. Sorry for any spam garbage they sent you or anyone else on the forum. We changed our password...again. Too bad these computer geeks can't use their computer savy to solve some of the world's problems rather than make life miserable for some of us. Rod
  3. Congrats! Job well done on an awesome car!:cool: Rod
  4. Mr. Earl, Your pump is very nice Tokheim 39 tall. Nice score on the nozzle too. Someone does repop those nozzle caps also. Hoses are available, usually black or green (for diesel) at any farm supply store. Rod van Pelt
  5. Mr. Earl, I believe the two pumps on either side are Wayne model 70s. The pump in the middle is a Gilbert Barker model 86. The toy pump is a Wayne 60. I think it is a fantasy pump as I don't believe Buick ever was a brand of gas. Repo globes are available in many makes of cars for us car lovers to put beside our cars. By the way, the brand of gas at the dealership is Standard Red and White Crown. Hope this helps. Rod van Pelt
  6. As I mentioned above, text, call or email Joel. I don't know whether he's following this thread or not. Good Luck! Rod
  7. I got a text from Joel last week wondering if I still needed another hub cap for my '57 GMC as he had found a few more. I told him I did need one and would be going near his place that weekend. I picked it up last last Friday. He mentioned that he had worked out his computer/phone /internet problems. If you're still looking for caps give him a try again. ph. 303-718-0602 email: Good Luck! Rod
  8. I found another hub cap, but still needing a tail light lens and bezel. Thanks, Rod
  9. Sorry about the blurry pic in last pic. Hope this will be better. Rod
  10. I attended a car show today in Windsor, Colo. and was taken in by this car shown there by a local 81 year old fellow was the third owner after his brother passed away in the early 1960s. He then restored the Hup. Only 354 Skylarks were made and only 26 are known to exist today. The car won first place in the "Open Class". I thought some of you Hup guys would enjoy seeing this rare car. I'm interested in Hups as my Grandad had a 29 Century and mentioned several stories about the car and said it was the best car he ever owned. Hope you enjoy seeing this car as much as I did. Rod
  11. Got the master cylinder to get-r-done..and hope wheel cylinders are ok.
  12. Thank you, Jason for the correction on the date of last DA made and title date. Rod van Pelt
  13. Great score! I have the DA 1930 Deluxe Coupe with rumble seat. Your car looks a lot like mine but because I don't have a serial number list here with me at the moment can't give you help on the month of manufacture. My serial number is DA 84565 with a motor number: H99961 with a manufacture date of July 2, 1929 and was titled as a 1930, so I would say yours was made in 1929 also. According to what info. I have DA 123481 was the last number for the 1929s at Dec. 31, 1929. Please correct me if I'm wrong. This is what I got with my build card from the Chrysler corp. if I'm reading it right. Good luck restoring your DB! Rod van Pelt
  14. Thanks, Bill. I didn't have any luck finding that ad. I did a search also. Could you or someone give me a link? Thank you, Rod
  15. Could you please post a pic of the carb? Like to see what my DA came out with. Thanks, Rod van Pelt
  16. Well, I sent Joel a text and an email yesterday asking if he came up with the 4th GMC chrome hubcap. I got no response. Too bad nobody is hearing from him. Guess we'll have to look elsewhere. I see in his profile his last activity on this site was March 19. Just glad I got the three that I did. Good luck with the hunt! Rod
  17. I would suggest calling him or texting him. This info is in his first post. My email is and my phone number is (303) 718-0602. If I dont answer leave a message and ill get back with you. thanks! Hope it works for you. Rod
  18. Too bad. Sure hoped this one would work for ya. Good luck! Rod
  19. Would this one work? Rod van Pelt
  20. The wheel is 1 7/8 inches wide. Thanks, Rod
  21. Wheel is 2 3/4 inches wide. Thanks for your help. Rod
  22. I just noticed that I didn't measure width. I'll see if I can get back with that in a couple of days. Thank you, Rod van Pelt