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  1. I will sell separate: 3 drums with left hand threads $35 each 3 wheels with rings $40 each, lug nuts $5 each 1 set right and 3 left hand thread. plus shipping All items are shipped actual cost UPS or USPS.

    Trades and offers considered.

    Please PM me if you have questions or want more info/pics.

    308-631-3497 cell



  2. Looks very much like the wheels on my 1931 AA ambulance 280A. Is the hubcap around 5 inches dia? Have since sold it, could not find one years ago for my spare.

    The hub caps aren't that big. I'd guess them to be around 3 inches. I don't have them here with me. I may put them on Ebay.


  3. I have 3 of these AA spoked wheels and want to sell at least one. Seems like there are 2 different styles for the AA years. I will post pics tomorrow. Surface rust, pitted inside, includes snap in nickel hub cap.

    Thank you for your help. :)


  4. You could also try heating the bolt until red hot and then try prying it out.The heat could soften the rubber enough to let loose.

    Heat works wonders. If that doesn't work, a last resort: could you grind cut or grind the had of bolt of and drive it out with a hammer and punch?... Is there room to swing the hammer and room for the bolt to be driven out?

    Good Luck!


  5. I've used this tool when my Dad and I replaced worn out universal joints on center pivot gear boxes. I think Dad got his at NAPA. They were always almost up against a gear box. Because they ran in wet condititions, they were on that shaft for several years and really rusted on. These were made out of good metal. We would get them started wedging it in between the two and hit the end of the tool with a hammer driving it in.'s off! :)

    Good luck

    Rod van Pelt

  6. Here's an old snapshot of me and my first car, a 1930 Dodge Brothers DA Deluxe Coupe. My dad bought this car from a neighbor in 1951 to check cows, windmills etc. He loaned it to my uncle in 1960. When my uncle wanted to buy it, cut out the rumble seat and make it into a pickup, I talked Dad into getting it back in 62 with the idea of my fixing it up and driving it to school. We got it back and running. My Dad talked me out of driving it to school and I'm glad he did. This was my first car and I still have it. It has been shedded since 62 but not fully restored. I'm still working at it.....someday.





  7. Sorry to hear about your grandfather. Very nice looking car! :cool:Sure glad you are keeping the car which, I'm sure, was his pride and joy. Like to see more pics to be sure, but sure looks like a model DA sedan to me. There should be a plate on floor board on passenger side with DA###### which would be the serial number. A motor number will help too.

    More pics of dashboard, radiator emblem, wheels, motor, dash, etc.

    Thanks for your post.


    For an example. Here is the emblem on my 1930 DA Coupe and front of car.






  8. Wyobob,

    Nice score! Glad to see you're making some progress with your truck. I was looking at your pic of the spoke wheel. Are they 19 inch tires? Hard to tell , but the hub caps look like my 30 DA Dodge caps and wheels. Mine have DB on them and made for 19 inch tires. Did you ever find vin #?

    My steering wheel wheel is not wood rather the old bakelite/resin type. I imagine someone will chime in and let me know the right term for it.

    Keep us posted. Pics are great!


  9. We were within 25 miles of auction yesterday visiting the grandkids. I thought about going but didn't. After watching some on proxy bid and the History Channel, it's just as well we didn't fight the crowd of thousands of spectators and buyers with deep pockets. Local rumor here is that Jay Leno asked a local motel if he could rent most of it, was denied, got ***** and went back home without staying for the auction. Had he been there, I think the History Channel would have had him on. Maybe it was true, don't know.

    link to results: