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  1. I reintroduced my 30 Dodge DA to my grand kids. They had fun crawling inside pretending to drive her down the road. I put the battery charger on so next time they visit us we'll go for a spin. Rod
  2. I remember as a kid in the late 40s-early 50s asking Dad to stop at the red star station (TEXACO) or the cowboy on the horse (FRONTIER) and get him to buy me a fire helmet or some give away that I'd seen advertised. Of course Mom always was watching for the green stamp or gold bond stamp signs. Licking stamps would keep us kids entertained after we got home. We didn't have a tv then. We'd grab a pop out of the COKE cooler, take it inside the station and pay a nickel for it. This was on the honor system. Dad would get upset if we jumped on the guy's bell hose on the way back to the car too. When I got old enough to drive I remember the price of gas didn't vary much from day to day or block to block, unless there was a gas war and it would drop from .25 down to 19 cents, sometimes only for a few hours. The old globes, signs and pumps still bring a smile to my face and have collected old gas station stuff for about 15 years or so. Lots of water under the bridge since then. Rod:)
  3. Mom and I were ready to go home from the hospital but it was about 30 below zero on that very cold March day. She convinced the doctor that we would be going home (30 miles away) in my Grandpa's brand new 1948 Oldsmobile. He finally said that it would be ok. Much better ride than Dad's 1937 Terraplane. I'd give quite bit to have either one of those 2 cars now. Don't forget Mom on her day this Sunday, "Mothers' Day". Rod
  4. South Paw, thanks for posting the old gas station pics. I like restoring old pumps. Here's a couple of mine. Rod
  5. No, I haven't had time to clean my garage....
  6. Here's some pics of my hub cap wrench for my DA's wooden wheels. I don't find any markings on it but have always been with the car since dad bought it from a neighbor in 1952. Rod
  7. Thanks, Jason. Would WD 40 work for cleaner/lube?
  8. I've got a pretty annoying hum or buzz in my DA speedometer. I'm sure i's in the head and doesn't make the noise if it is disconnected at the head. Is this a need for lube and if so how do I do it? Will it eventually quit working or will the sound go away with more use? It has 87,000 miles and i'd like to keep the miles actual and hate to disconnect it. Thank you for your help. Rod
  9. John, The wing nuts came today and are just what I needed. Thanks for your help. Rod
  10. Scott, Thanks but I think Keiser's sending me what I need. Appreciate your help. Rod
  11. I found a pair of windshield wing nuts. Thanks, Keiser.
  12. John, I sent you an email. Thanks, Rod
  13. Thanks, Keiser. Well, I thought it was female but guess I'd better take mine off again and look again. It's been a while since I had it off. Are yours for sale? Rod
  14. Scott, Some pics would help a lot. The wing nut is female. I'll have to check on the thread size. Thanks, Rod
  15. Here's a pic of what I need except mine has both "ears" broken off as I believe they are soft or pot metal so be carefull when removing. I would be interested in buying the entire assembly for the passenger side. Thanks, Rods
  16. Yes, and it could be that it was the one he had prior to the Hupp. Quite a step up. I think he said he wore out 13 model Ts. My dad's 2 older brothers bought a 28 model A roadster together but don't think grandad ever owned a model A. He did own a Model AA truck. I sold the cab and frame 15 years but kept the motor with the idea of buying a car to put it in but never did. I'd be interested in seeing more pics of a 29 Century Hupp if any body has some. Thanks, Rod
  17. I'm looking for a pair of windshield wing nuts that keep the windshield open at a certain position on a 1929-30 Dodge DA . Rod van Pelt 308-235-2743
  18. I thought some of you might like seeing a pic of my dad , sister and my grandad and grandma as they were leaving on a trip from western Nebraska to Oklahoma in their new 1929 Century Hup. The second pic is of my dad's sister, Pat, sitting on the bumper of the new Hup. I remember hearing many stories about this Hup and how good of a car it was. Dad just passed away 6 weeks ago at the age of 91. This pic turned up after he had died and we were going through pics to show at his funeral. He told me many times how nice a car the Hup was and what fun the trip was even for a 10 year old boy. After getting back from the trip. They had stopped to talk to a neighbor they met who was horseback. When granddad started up the Hup, the horse spooked and kicked the hood of the car causing a pretty nasty dent in the almost new car. Granddad sure hated that he had stopped to chat with the neighbor. Dad mentioned that a Hup salesman brought out a new 1934 Hup to demonstrate to my granddad and was seriously thinking of trading but my grandmother took ill and died a few weeks later. Dad always said had she lived they would have gotten the new Hup. Instead they got a Chevy. Thanks, Rod van Pelt
  19. Don't know if you have anything this old. I need a couple of these from a 1929 or 30 Dodge DA. Thanks, Rod
  20. You might want to consider attending the Sugar Valley Rally this June. More info can be found by clicking on this link: Sugar Valley Rally - Home Page I am not a contact person only a fan of this event. If you like old cars you'll love it. Participants (usually 75 to 90 cars) come from all over the country to compete. Many pick this as their only rally they attend. I apologize if this is not the appropriate place to mention this event and moderators may move if needed. Thanks, Rod
  21. AWESOME car. Love the color! Thanks for sharing. Rod
  22. AWESOME car and story!! Glad you got it. I just lost my Dad last week and can't believe the hassle some people put you through to get the things he gave me years ago but felt bad taking them before he passed away. Hindsight is 20-20. When someone gives you something...BRING IT HOME!! Rod
  23. Seems like FINGERHUT was a brand of seat covers of the late 50s to 60s. I know they made clear ones and maybe others too. haven't heard from them for quite awhile. Rod