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  1. You could also try heating the bolt until red hot and then try prying it out.The heat could soften the rubber enough to let loose.

    Heat works wonders. If that doesn't work, a last resort: could you grind cut or grind the had of bolt of and drive it out with a hammer and punch?... Is there room to swing the hammer and room for the bolt to be driven out?

    Good Luck!


  2. I've used this tool when my Dad and I replaced worn out universal joints on center pivot gear boxes. I think Dad got his at NAPA. They were always almost up against a gear box. Because they ran in wet condititions, they were on that shaft for several years and really rusted on. These were made out of good metal. We would get them started wedging it in between the two and hit the end of the tool with a hammer driving it in. Wahlah...it's off! :)

    Good luck

    Rod van Pelt

  3. Great score! I have the DA 1930 Deluxe Coupe with rumble seat. Your car looks a lot like mine but because I don't have a serial number list here with me at the moment can't give you help on the month of manufacture. My serial number is DA 84565 with a motor number: H99961 with a manufacture date of July 2, 1929 and was titled as a 1930, so I would say yours was made in 1929 also. According to what info. I have DA 123481 was the last number for the 1929s at Dec. 31, 1929. Please correct me if I'm wrong. This is what I got with my build card from the Chrysler corp. if I'm reading it right.

    Good luck restoring your DB!:)

    Rod van Pelt

  4. :)I have had several emails from the new owner and am happy to report that he and his wife are in the process of restoring the Durant to stock/like new condition. The car has found a great home.



  5. Hi Rod......

    Thanks for the additional info and pictures.

    Nice car, but top value is about half of what owner thinks. Would be a shame to see this car rodded, but maybe some collector can use the left over parts.

    You can post on the Durant web site. It is a free site. You do not need to be a member.


    Thanks, Frank. I think I figured it out and got this on the Durant website.


    The Durant Motors Automobile Club - International

  6. Rear bumper should definitely be a split type. Front bumper has a Model A Ford clamp and the front bumper itself may not be original. Otherwise a nice car.

    You're right, John. I hadn't noticed that.

    When I first glanced at this car as I was driving down the street, I thought it was a Dodge. I guess it was the shape of the body and the wheels. Do you know if a company made these for other makes of cars or did each car company make their own? Parts probably weren't "farmed out" like they are today.


  7. I went back this morning, got more info and pics. It is a model 617 Car

    # 1739 found on tag on passenger side floorboard. The tag on the engine says: Continental Engine 15 U SN# 4935. I talked to the owner and he said if he didn't get an offer of $10,000 that he was going to Rat Rod it. I tried to tell him that the car was too good to tear apart and knowing the story behind the car was a plus. He mentioned that the owner was killed on D Day, June 6, '44 and that he bought it from the 1st owner's family. The guy is a younger 40ish and either doesn't appreciate stock cars of that era or thought it would scare me into writing him a check on the spot. I think it runs but he said he didn't want to start it up as it was low on gas and gas is high....So if anyone wants to talk to the owner, email me and I'll give the owner'''s phone number to you.

    IMO I think it doesn't have the original rear bumper as it has a full width bumper but has the spare tire carrier also...not a big deal though.

    I was going to post these pics on the very nice Durant Club site but, unless I'm mistaken, I think it's not a free site and doubt if I'll own a Durant...












  8. Thanks, Frank, Dave and Mike for all of the help, advice and info. If all goes well tomorrow I'll try to get back to take more pics of the car. I do remember seeing that SN# plate on the floorboard on the passenger side. The brass plate on the left side of the engine states the valve clearance and maybe a SN#.

    Thanks, again!


  9. I found this Durant in my area. Didn't get to talk to the owner but he is open to offers. Original mohair there but needs some interior work and top. 20K might be original. Running boards are wood. Runs. Fuel system changed to newer style pump, has new gas tank. Has been stored in a barn since '44. Original owner bought new in 30, went off to war and was killed. No rust that I could see. Rumble seat has springs but no upholstery. Tires look good. Fenders have been repainted with a brush, a few small dents.

    Anybody have an idea on value?









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