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  1. This is a long shot, I know but... I would really like to find a 1957 NEBRASKA TRUCK plate with the prefix of "85". I want this plate to put on my Dad's 1957 GMC, which he bought new. I have enclosed an example of this plate below, however the prefix is 39 instead of 85, which has been the designation for BANNER County since 1922, with the exception of one year, 1951, when letters were used. I do collect the "B" for BANNER '51 plates also, if anyone has any of those. I do collect odds and ends plates so send me your wants if you find me a '57 TRUCK plate or I will pay a hefty cash price.

    Thank you for your help.



  2. I have just got my 57 GMC model 100 1/2 ton pickup with 347 V8 Pontiac in running condition after sitting for almost 20 years. If I remember right, everything worked when we parked it in the shed.

    The problem is that the automatic transmission Hydramatic works intermittenly and acts like it is slipping or sometimes works pretty well. Forward gears seem to shift ok although, I have not driven it very far. The fluid level is ok, looks and smells ok. Is this because of not being run and will get better with use or is it hurting it to drive it?

    Thank you for your help!