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  1. Sorry, Dave. Guess you're not on Face Book. Find me on FB as Rod van Pelt.
  2. I was glad to find these groups on FB and thought I would pass them on if any of you are interested in joining them: Dodge Brothers Motor Cars and Dodge Brothers Club, Inc. If this is not allowed, moderator may delete and I appologize. Thanks, Rod
  3. This is a long shot, I know but... I would really like to find a 1957 NEBRASKA TRUCK plate with the prefix of "85". I want this plate to put on my Dad's 1957 GMC, which he bought new. I have enclosed an example of this plate below, however the prefix is 39 instead of 85, which has been the designation for BANNER County since 1922, with the exception of one year, 1951, when letters were used. I do collect the "B" for BANNER '51 plates also, if anyone has any of those. I do collect odds and ends plates so send me your wants if you find me a '57 TRUCK plate or I will pay a hefty cash price. Thank you for your help. Rod
  4. I believe, back in the day, many states initially titled the vehicle that current year. in other words, although it was built in 29 of July, not sold and titled until 1930, it was referred to thereafter as a 1930. Rod Nebraska
  5. :cool: AWESOME!! Enjoy the ride! Thanks for sharing. Rod
  6. Two wheels are sold, one left. One hubcap ends on ebay today. Three brake drums left. Thanks, Rod
  7. Got the brake master cylinder rebuilt and got her home. The hydramatic auto transmission slips in reverse at times. Is this from sitting for 25 years in a barn? Thanks, Rod
  8. Anybody know of a supplier of seat covers (bench seat type) for my 57 GMC 1/2 ton pickup? Nothing real expensive right now. Doesn't need to look like original, Saddleman type for an example. Thanks for your help. Rod
  9. I have just got my 57 GMC model 100 1/2 ton pickup with 347 V8 Pontiac in running condition after sitting for almost 20 years. If I remember right, everything worked when we parked it in the shed. The problem is that the automatic transmission Hydramatic works intermittenly and acts like it is slipping or sometimes works pretty well. Forward gears seem to shift ok although, I have not driven it very far. The fluid level is ok, looks and smells ok. Is this because of not being run and will get better with use or is it hurting it to drive it? Thank you for your help! Rod
  10. Looking to buy 3 wheels for my 57 model 100 1/2 ton pickup. The three I have won't accept stock GMC hubcaps. The one that works is one that has 4 clips rivited just outside bolt patern. Thank you for your help. You can text or email me pics what you have. Rod 308-631-3497
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