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  1. First of all, a high five to you for getting another Buick back on the road. That being said, if you are going through the trouble to pull down the engine to replace gaskets and such, how much more will it take for you to take it down and make sure its in specs?? Reason I mention this is, you stated this car had been sitting and you fired her up with a lot of smoking. I'd hate to see you go through all the effort and trouble, just to find out later down the road you have a stuck ring, scored cyl, etc. Sorry if I am being a PIA, just hate to see that happen.
  2. Also, are you talking about cold idle or after the engine has reached operating temp?
  3. It was long ago, but I did put a new top on my 72 Centurion. It was a real bear in that ya had to take out the rear mechanics to pull the nails or staples out of the strip in back. The old top had to be marked so the new one could be put in correctly, ya can't stretch em when ya had to nail em in place. Even as tough as this car was to do, I did it myself, the top install came out great. I think in the 60s they attached the top by way of a rail in the back which allows you to adjust as you go. My point is, yes it was tough, but very doable, take your time and read up on how to do it. If
  4. brh


    To add to Southern Illinios, a couple of my favorites: Ask what time is it and response is "pretnear 3:00" What the heck is pretnear, 2:45? and last but not least you warsh your car. Seems you need to add an r to wash. Don't get that one either.
  5. brh


    Needed a good laugh so I found one of my most favorite threads...Enjoy
  6. She sounds like a keeper!!! Like I had said earlier I was close and the car I was trying to save, stored outside, was vandalized, bought under salvage title, severe hail damage, but engine ran. Trans only worked in reverse. Oh forgot to mention one other thing, car was in Texas, I am in Illinois. Like I said a real soft spot for the big converts. Save this one.
  7. I remember these cars as a teen, got a ride in a 74 true Stage 1 Convert. I will admit I have a real soft spot for the big converts after owning a 72 Centurion. It is true that this was the second to the last year for the big converts except Cadillac. A true Stage 1 convert of the 74 era is probably pretty rare. I was working with guy in Texas to save a Luxus (not a stage 1). We got real close until he found out the tranny was blown. A lot depends on the condition and what you want to do with the car, you are the only one that can make that call. If ya can save it. Don't know if I'd pu
  8. Easy-- "My Cousin Vinny" features a 64 Buick Special Convert at the beginning.
  9. I may be comparing apples to oranges here, but I saw a 65 G.S. that had dual cyl, disc brakes in talking to the fellow he took the discs off a 70 Monte Carlo. What was needed to make the install was a match on the size of the spindles the 70 Monte fit the 65. How the heck he got the info, I have no idea. Thought I'd pass this along.
  10. Thanks to all. Great refferal Dave!!!! I got the parts Fri. They look like they are brand new!! This guy was great!! I would use em again anytime.
  11. I would say replace too. If its original its not worth the chance.
  12. Thanks I'll try that too, having computer issues right now...thanks again.
  13. To make a long story short, I am looking for a right tail light, rear bumper and molding (that goes around the bumper). For a 2002 Buick Regal 4dr. I had a slight mishap---to make matters worse, its not my car. Any direction would be apreciated, body shops want an arm and a leg. Location is Illinois. Thanks
  14. Sounds like a master cyl to me too. If no fluid has leaked out and its still full, thats a pretty good sign. You may also have a build up of sludge preventing fluid to travel to the cylinders. Suggest bleeding cylinders. If ya get a lot of crud, ya may want to do a rebuild on all.
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