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  1. A good buddy of mine bought one brand new, dark metallic blue white landau white interior, loaded. Great car took several road trips in that one. Rode nice, gas mileage was great... good car.
  2. Truth be told, I can't give you an impartial answer.. I've always liked the 58s. But as stated earlier.... if she ain't happy your not happy. Good luck.
  3. You guys are gonna think I am nuts but I have seen it work, I have also tried it. Go to one of those health food/vitamin places, they have wax tubes that actually pull the stuff out of your ears. No one has to dig around in there. Its weird how it works, ya gotta light one end so this thing draws from the ear.
  4. Looks like 63, 64 and 65 all carry different part numbers, 65-66 yes, same part number.
  5. I,m a little late on this thread, but your headed in the right direction. *Rebuild the Q jet. *I had a 455 with the Q jet, long time ago... days of young and stupid. *I tried a Holley, along with all kinds of other "tricks". *I should have rebuilt the Q jet and called it a day. *Rebuild it, ,don't repeat an error thats already been made.
  6. According to what I have the 340/2, can be either NA or NB. *In the sedan 4469 I show an NL code for 340/4.*
  7. Just a thought.. if you don't block off your vacuum when the car heats up and the choke comes off, its running leaner than it did before. *Only reason could be because of the open vacuum but if the engine continues to run lean, you may need to adjust the jets.
  8. What kind of AFB did you replace it with? Another stock rebuilt Carter. I am trying to keep the car as original as possible.
  9. Shouldn't the timing be 2.5 BTDC???? Had an issue with my 300, but it was pinging on accel, long story short, carb had a crack in it and was dumping gas in the vacuum advance. Maybe this is a common problem on Carter AFBs although I replaced it and that was that.. As for the radiator.. have you had the flow checked by a shop?? Mine looked great, till I had it checked... 30% blocked.
  10. Hopefully, you'll have good luck with the carb, over my car's life I have replaced 3 of em, all good success. I hate new parts too, replaced starter and solenoid only to have the solenoid not work, of course after I had installed it!!
  11. I can't recall any issues on the 76. Common areas of rust, over the rear wheel wells, but that is with all especially if dirt has been left to hold moisture. Can't think of a single engine problem.
  12. I know the engines for these cars.. but thats a moot point. One last dumb question, don't be offended. Are you checking your timing off of number 1??
  13. I am going to assume you knew to check and make sure the rotor was in the exact same position as the old one. You sure that lark has a 300?? My Chilton's shows a 340. Anyhow, 2.5 BTDC is correct. Your idle, with the car in Drive, should be 500, add 50 if its got air conditioning. If your idle is too low, that could be part of your problem. Also check your dwell, you should be at 30 degrees.
  14. If the third pic down has a backing plate its from a "trim motor" its function is to pull paper into a blower, chop it up and discharge. Its not old or valuable..
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