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  1. I need your assistance with the identifying of the following delco remy coil: Delco Remy 1836538, this is marked on the box. There are no markings embossed on the coil. I believe this is an original equipment, keyed coil. This one has 2 terminals on the top with a 3 screw base that fits just above the space where the ignition switch fits. Thanks Dan
  2. I have a new stabilizer bar that fits Series 22/23 cars. This has the links and stabilzer rubbers. By the numbers, Tuscon Packard identified it as fitting The Series 22/23. I will send a pix with measurements to anyone that is interested. The Packard shipping tag was in rough shape, so the number I have may not be real accurate. However, I will send enough pix and measurements to ensure it is the correct application for anyone interested. Thanks Dan Marx
  3. I have one new in box contact set for a voltage regulator. This is a Delco Remy, early orange box, this has the contact and resistor attached . The only number written on the box is 817910, I cannot match it with my books. I will send a pix to anyone interested, or who can ID it. Dan Marx
  4. You can contact Ben at AntiqueBenny@aol.com. Tell him DMarx says hi!!!
  5. Wasn't this thread beat to death about 4 months ago. According to the rules, which I don't have, can a member allow another member to use their space? This is not a compensation question, only an issue of who can occupy the space? Yes a secondary market would help greatly. And most would pay an admin fee to the AACA.
  6. Just a note, there is a hard to find coil on ebay motors. it is the delco remy 526B coil. appears to be in excellent shape. just do a search for "delco remy coils'. Good luck
  7. Has sugarplum contacted anyone? I have a friend that is interested in the bus. Dan
  8. I have an Atwater Kent cap, Type H, #U-H-1/4. Anyone have an ID for the application? Thanks Dan
  9. This is a very difficult coil to find. I will buy the second one you find. NOS of course. I have several 538Z NOS coils available.
  10. I have a 1936(?)Chiltons interchange book that I am considering a copying for sale. Any thougts on how much interest there would be in such a booklet? It is approx 110 pages. I am open to all discussions and thoughts. Could be put on a CD. Recently, 2 fellows used it to look for parts for a Continental Beacon.
  11. I have at least 50 MOPAR caps, late 40' to 60's that I would like to sell as one lot. These are made by various manufactures. Most are V-8. Thanks Dan dmarx@voyager.net
  12. The HT 4011 horn is a low pitch used on Chrysler, Dodge, Desoto '49, and plymouth 46-49. The HT 4012 is the high pitch for th same appliocation. Note: Also used on Dodge (Canada) '46-49. Dan
  13. I have a Delco 538Z coil for sale, this is new in the box, NEVER OPENED Fits chevrolet 33-36; Graham 6&8 '33-36, except supercharged 8; and Reo Royale 33-35, Reo Flying Cloud 33-36. I do not have any specific application mounting bracket. Will trade for a 526-B Thanks Dan dmarx@voyager.net
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