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  1. These were bought with a set of Light Six pistons, which have been sold.  I am only assuming they could be  Studebaker, they have a part number of 45550 printed on the top of one of the pistons.  

    Diameter 3.125 in

    Height      3.380 in

    calculated compression height 1.938 in

    Thanks in advance for any help identifying these pistons.





    IMG_8878 (2).jpg

    IMG_8878 (3).jpg

  2. OK, I have 5 TRW CR1325 connecting rods that have been reburbished.  I cannot find a reference for these to confirm the application.  They were previously marked 1955-59 Cadillac.  However, the '59 caddy had a 390 ci engine.  Any help identifying is greatly appreciated.



  3. Not sure of the exact application.  The only references I can find is for "Chevrolet".  This is a Carter W-1 that was just rebuilt by All American Carburetor and they "re manufacturer" the carbs.  This car was in excellent condition prior to rebuild.  Contact Dan at dlmarx@bellsouth.net, or 803-549-2187.  $225  plus USPS shipping..  

    W-1 Carb 2.jpg

    W-1 Carb 3.jpg

    W-1 Carb 4.jpg

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