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  1. Sorry to disappoint you Ace, but thats not me in the photo, I'm some what younger for a start. The guy in the photo is the writer of the article, Julian Balme, who incidently races an early 50's Lincoln & mid 60's Ford Falcon in various forms of historic motorsport, as well as writing for classic & sportscar, and being a big fan of the Lincoln Zephyr. Although younger & possibly better looking', I'm afraid I can't compete with the dress code! I'm pleased you liked the feature. [color:\\"blue\\"]
  2. Mike, I now remember you, Colin introduces me to so many people it's hard to keep track, I'll look out for the pictures of your car within the LZOC mag with interest, and if I'm ever your neck of the woods' I'll try and call in. Phil, I've attached a few more photos of the car, I only have a few on digital (all taken on the same night) most are on film so not yet in the computer. As for the magazine, I know it is available in the states, Jeff, the previous owner has checked up & he's able to obtain it down in Australia, so hopefully you should be able to find a copy. If not, let me know, I could always post you one. I took a look at your 39 drophead-very nice! Cheers, Pete....
  3. Hi Mike, I guess we've never met in this small country of ours, the car to be featured is indeed my 39 coupe, 1 of 18 RHD coupes manufactured in 1939, (see attachment) the car came from Australia, previously owned by Jeff Reidy, the car know lives in Wakefield,West Yorkshire. Julian Balme has put together the feature due to be in C&S febuary edition, the car was photographed on a very wet day in the coastal town of Scarborough, with lots of deco' background. Rather than a feature on the car, I believe the text to be more on how the Zephyr helped to get Lincoln back on track in the 30's. Let me know about your car Mike, I'd be very intersted. Cheers Pete....... PS. Ace, thanks for the compliment.
  4. Hi, does anyone out there know if the overdrive unit from a 39 6cyl chrysler, will fit into my 1940 chrysler royal coupe? If not, what modifications might I need to do? [color:"purple"]
  5. Does anyone out there have a pair of "wind wings" for a 39 coupe, in excellent condition please. Strange, but here in England, we call them quarter lights' don't ask me why, we just do. Then again, you call a "split pin" a "cotter pin" Who's right, who cares, I just want a pair of quarter lights, no sorry wind wings for my coupe. Cheers, Pete Birtles. UK.
  6. Ace, I'm sorry to of outbid you this time, better luck next time & good luck with your 37 LZ. What made the mags even more appealing to me was the favourable exchange rate at the moment, £1 to $1.67, makes good sense to buy now! Cheers, Pete.
  7. Cecil, I paid the $190+ for the 100+ copies of the "way of the zephyr" , I reckon they're good value at less than $2 a piece, the club sells back issues at $2 to $4.50 an issue depending on their age, so they work out slightly cheaper than through the club. However the cost of shipping to the United Kingdom adds somewhat to this. Having owned a 39 LZ coupe for the past 2 years & been a member of the LZOC for the past 3 years, I reckon I've a lot of catching up to do. I find the "way of the zephyr" an invaluable tool in our hobby, & your correct, there's nothing on the market which can match it! Looks like I've got a bit of reading to do!! Cheers, Pete Birtles.
  8. I saw these also, does anyone know wether they would also fit a 39 Coupe?
  9. Hi Martin, although not exported to Argentina, I own a 1939 RHD coupe,96HF-72-12, delivered new to Australia, bought by myself in 2000 and shipped to my home in the United Kingdom. I'd be interested to know if your 39 is RHD or not, & wether you've found out about anymore of these rare RHD models. Pete.
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