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  1. John, I remember the year Bill got the Republic at Hershey, I ran into him when he was looking at it. The white GMC was restored by his employees in his old Trucking Company shops, if I remember correctly. Although I'm a Dodge Nut, the 1920 Packard 3 ton, I always enjoyed seeing. Bill was always faithful at coming to our Piedmont Carolina Chapter ATHS meetings, when I was President. I remember one meeting Bill called me to say he couldn't make it, because he was bidding on a Packard on eBay. This was back in the old eBay days, before sniping and when you knew the bidders names etc. Of c
  2. It with deepest sympathy that I announce that Antique Truck Collectors have lost a good friend. If you’ve attended ATCA Macungie in the last 30 plus years or local shows in the NC, SC & VA area, AACA Hershey / Charlotte, ATHS National Shows or Farm Tractor shows, you’ve seen the collection of and hopefully meet Bill Kirby of Asheboro NC. Bill was a personal great friend to myself and many of you. Bill lost his battle with cancer earlier today. Arrangements are incomplete at this time. He will be GREATLY missed. Anyone wanting more info, can contact me direct. Nollie Neill, Jr Dodge Truck
  3. That's White Stone VA's 1967 Dodge / Oren L series Fire Truck, now in the collection of Tommy Herman, Oren Fire Apparatus Historian. Oren Fire Trucks were built in Roanoke VA, and Oren used Dodge C&C on a lot of their early trucks. See more Oren photos at this website: The Old Dominion Historical Fire Society
  4. Hello All, Wife & I were driving down Hwy 89 here in NC, near our home yesterday, pulling out of the Exxon station at the intersection of I-77(NC exit 100) & Hwy 89 was a white Dodge dually, pulling a ruff but solid looking Airflow. I tried to get drivers attention, but he pulled on out and kept going. Anyone know who this was. Was probably going North or South on I-77, just south of NC/VA state lines. Take Care, Nollie
  5. Ken, Need to come to the Yahoo 1939-47 Dodge Truck site. Full of info on even the Fargo's from this period. Links to charts with serial number etc. http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/39-47Dodge/?yguid=8923543
  6. This is a 1940 model Dodge, but still a great looking ole truck!!!!!
  7. Hi All, Question I know I should know and I'm sure its in one of my many history books. But friend asked the other day and I thought I don't remember. What does the "P" (WPC) stand for. Take Care, Nollie NC
  8. "26 Graham truck about 2-1/2 years ago. It has a Prospect Fire Equipment body, "Deluge" rotary pump, & 2 chemical tanks" This was posted to Graham & Paige forum on this AACA site. New owner is asking questions about motor etc. I've asked him to move it to this forum, if not, please visit G&P forum to help him out. THANKS
  9. Dick, Nice looking truck. Can't personally help you with the engine question but I'm sure others can. You will find lots of information on the internet. You probably should have posted this to the Dodge Brothers site, here on AACA instead of G&P, since this truck was built while the Graham Brothers were working for DB. http://forums.aaca.org/ubbthreads.php/forums/30/1/Dodge_Dodge_Brothers Also this group is for 28-38 Dodge trucks, but I know some of them can help you also. http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/1928-38Dodgetrucks/ Personally I'd like to see more photos of this truck, and
  10. Montpelier (Ohio) built Cabover trucks on Dodge frames from late 1936 to 1939, van / panel bodies until 1950s(??) If anyone knows of any Dodge / Montpelier's I'd love to know about them. THANKS - Nollie Some samples attached:
  11. I've got a total wrote down or seen it in print, for some reason I'm thinking around 250-300 were built. I'll have to look for number. At one time 2 were in KY, so I was told, but in ruff shape, then the one that was in SC, that became the WPC Museum piece. Each time I've learn of any for sale, I've called, but always out of my price range. Of course they built a few more, with the same airflow style tanker body, but NOT what I call airflow cabs. Photo below shows the 1940 Dodge with same body as earlier Airflows. Like you I hope more show up one day. Nollie NC
  12. This popped up today on Craigslist, it looks like it was made into a gocart almost. 1920s GB truck, or what's left of it. Might be good for parts, if anyone needs it. Located in Portland Maine http://nh.craigslist.org:80/car/732734133.html
  13. James, I'm between Sparta NC & Galax VA, off Blue Ridge Parkway. Drop by if your ever in the area, I get your way from time to time. Nollie
  14. Dave, THANKS for info, I'd love to date a lot of my old DB photos. Nice looking Screenside, I've always wanted one for my collection, but keep holding out for late 1917-1920 models. Friend here in NC, has restored 1927, use to bring to our local shows, but hasn't shown up in a few years. THANKS again for the information. Take Care, Nollie
  15. I've got several photos I could share of early DB / GB Fire apparatus. Photos I've either found on the internet or purchased through the years. Here's one from eBay a few years ago. I'm no expert on the early stuff, so anyone want to guess years. The sign in the back ground reads "Stay Off Trucks", so makes me think it's at the factory, either DB or fire body builder, anyone know the building?
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