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  1. I read today about the Park Avenue replacement, a 2008 "L" named car IMPORTED from Australia, made by Holden. It is a sad day when Buick can not sell a premium sedan made in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!! Where will the Velite be made, China??? Oh GM, you are making it hard for me. a 25 year Buick buyer, to stay with the brand. Maybe I will buy a Mustang, or is that made in Mexico?? Ross Perot, you were so right about NAFTA, that there will be a "giant sucking sound" of all the jobs going to Mexico, and not only Mexico, but to every cheap labor country in the world!!
  2. 1) 1959 (or 60) Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz (love those fins) I think the 60 is more beautiful, but the 59 is the ultimate in 50's excess. 2) 1965 Buick Riviera GS (the hidden headlights in the vertical pods make this the best of the early Rivieras) and to think Cadillac turned it down before it became a Buick! 3) 1953 Kaiser Dragon (hey, why not drive something that no one else drives) Saw one at Macungie and I wanted to take it home. Oh, I could go on & on.......
  3. I drive with a VERY light foot with my 72 Monte Carlo, 350 2-barrel, 3700pounds approx., in a very good state of tune, and the best I can get is 12-13 city, 14-15 highway. Also, Chevrolet says to use premium, which I do. Oh well, it is still better than the 8 MPG I got with my 69 Toronado which I sold 28 years ago!!!
  4. Some more Buick stats Compared with Jan 04, Jan 05 car sales down 22%, Jan 05 truck sales up 11%, total Buick sales Jan 05 down 12.3% Chevrolet Jan 05 totals +12.7% (bland sells ) Cars & trucks both up Cadillac Jan 05 totals +3.2% (edgy sells ) Cars down / trucks up Also, I read that the Park Avenue replacement will be share the rear drive platform with the Cadillac CTS and STS, larger than CTS, smaller than STS, not really a big car. I guess they are going the direction that PREMIUM is smaller, just like the foreigners. Big Mistake Buick!!!
  5. Jan 05 Saturn Relay 1283 Jan 05 Buick Terraza 801 Hmmmmm......50% more for Saturn. It is just the first month so it will be interesting how the rest of the year goes.
  6. As always, the folks on this forum graciously offer their assistance! What a great place!!
  7. Ron, Yes I agree that since I have a relatively modern vehicle by comparison, driving it on the interstates is not a real issue. If someday I acquire that 40's Chevy I have always admired, a trailer would likely be in my future. Right now with a daughter soon to go to college, and the next immediately following, that may be in the far off future.
  8. When I purchased my 72 Monte Carlo in 1998, it had 30,800 miles, never a daily driver, and always garaged. The little old lady, who only drove it on errands to Church, shopping & the doctor, sold it to me. She was an aquaintance who contacted me to sell me the car. I didn't even know that she owned it. The car has been re-painted, but is otherwise unrestored. As you see by my signature, it now has 37,000 miles on it. I have no choice but to drive it, about 800 miles per year, because I have no tow vehicle and no trailer. The furthest I have driven it was to the Eastern Spring Meet in Hagerstown, MD last year, about 450 miles round trip. I received my Junior & Senior awards by driving it to Carlisle & Hershey in 2003. I was also nominated for a National Award at Carlisle, but did not receive it. It was an honor just to be nominated. I plan on attending the AGNM in Delaware next year. Competing with trailered cars is NOT easy, but I get great satisfaction from my success. Yes, I have to do major chassis detailing every year just to compete. I DO enjoy driving it, even thought I continue to have concerns with rock chips, etc. I think that if I am financially able to get a truck/trailer, I will probably buy another car instead, and continue driving. Happy Motoring!!
  9. "repainted YELLOW to stop a few rust spots" Quick, bury it.... These last of the big Buicks deserve better than this!
  10. I am willing to wait 2 years, maybe 3. It would have to have the status of a Park Avenue, not a LeSabre, even though that is a fine car; or the the pizazz of something like the "Velite". Wouldn't Wildcat be a great name..... or maybe a used 2004-2005 Park Avenue will hold me over I currently also have a 2000 Chevy Venture, I waited & waited for a Buick minivan, but alas, it came 5 years too late. I have also owned Pontiacs and Oldsmobiles over the years.
  11. In about 2 years, I will be turning 50, my daughter will be starting to drive, and I will need to replace my 95 Park Avenue so my daughter can use it. Here is my problem. This is my second Park Avenue, my first was a 1985. (Yes I know that I don't fit the Buick profile, I was 28 when I bought my first one!) Right now, Buick has nothing to sell me, no more Park Avenue, no convertible(I have always wanted one), no V-8 like most competition..... The way it looks right now, I will buy a Mustang GT convertible unless Buick has some new product. Now listen GM, I have never owned a NON-GM product, but you are about to lose a LIFETIME customer. I would really rather have a Buick, how about a Velite type 4 seat V-8 convertible, now that would fit the bill....
  12. She DID call her prospective employer right away after we removed the cars from the line of traffic. She was told that she could re-schedule.
  13. My 15 year old daughter will be driving in less than two years. I can only hope that someone will show her the same kindness.
  14. While stopped at a stop sign on Tuesday, I was rear ended by a Chevy Cavalier. Fortunately, no injuries, but the Cavalier was probably totalled being a 92 model with hood, bumper, grill, and fender damage and was towed from the scene. My 95 Park Avenue sustained rear bumper damage to the total of $1391.00 and was driven home. The young woman who hit me apologized many times and accepted full responsibility and stated so on the police report. She said that she was not paying attention. I felt a bit sorry for her as she just graduated from college and was on her way to a job interview for a teaching position, and now she has no transportation. My wife and I waited several hours with her for her AAA tow truck because she was an emotional wreck. It was cold outside and she waited in my warm car as her car did not run. In speaking with her, I give her a lot of respect for the way she handled things, and if this is any indication, she will make a fine teacher indeed. Her insurance company has since contacted me and will pay 100% of the damages. I met a fine young woman a few days ago because of a collision, and am encouraged that there are some fine people out there that will not pass the blame for their actions. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
  15. In New Jersey, "QQ" historic plates are available for vehicles at least 25 years old, which exempt you from inspection. Newer vehicles are inspected every 2 years.
  16. I looked over the car in question quite closely at Hershey. Having once owning one, it held special interest to me. No question, the car was beautiful, but I knew immediately that it was not right. Yes, the color and tires as previously discussed, and I agree the interior was not right either, but I could not tell for sure what was wrong. The trunk was as finely finished as a modern luxury car, but I don't remember GM/Olds ever making the trunk as luxurious as this one in the 60's. Having judged in the VCCA for several years, but not yet an AACA judge, I do speak with some experience. Taking liberties with a "restoration" is up to the owner, but I believe the car is not a "Senior" by AACA standards.
  17. I for one, would NOT be happy getting my Senior under false pretenses. I call it personal pride, knowing that I really earned it! The owners of "those other cars" have to live with it. The issue here seems to be that a national publication "Hemmings Classic Car" presents this car as a "Senior" when there may be doubts with its qualifications.
  18. Jay, Thank you for your input as a judge. 3 points X 5 tires (including the spare) = 15 minus 10 for the wrong paint is 375 points, which in fact would qualify it for a senior ONLY if the rest of the car was PERFECT, and if there wasn't much competition in the class. I hope to see more judges input on this. Thanks
  19. I wondered the same thing when I read the article. Didn't the story also state that it had radial tires?
  20. So that's what happened to my 1969 Toronado when I sold it 26 years ago!!!
  21. I am fairly new to this, just receiving my Senior in 2003 and my 2nd preservation at Hershey this year. I was looking forward to the plate as a preservation award. However, I will be grateful for any award, going from nothing to 2nd preservation in a short two years.
  22. This reminds me of a local car show where I was Judging in Summit, NJ just last month. The show was held on the local downtown streets which were closed to through traffic. The DJ announced several times that bikes and scooters were to be walked amongst the show cars. I requested two young boys, maybe 4 & 6 years old to please walk their bicycles. Their mother promptly and angrily scolded me for making that request. How dare I speak to her children and make such a request. As she was hollering at me, I just walked away and really felt sorry for the boys. If discipline starts at home, I hope those children get guidance from another source.
  23. 390 is for Grand National Senior (no point spread) 380 is Grand National (5 point spread) 375 is Senior (10 point spread) 365 is Junior (10 point spread)
  24. The best place to start is the NMCOA National Monte Carlo Owners Association www.montecarloclub.com Good Luck!
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