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  1. West, The way I understood, original miles mean just that, original to the car and NOT turned back during a restoration, as opposed to a full restoration where the odometer has been turned back. You might say that my 72 Monte Carlo has "37,000 original miles" because it has not been restored (except for a re-paint) and the odometer has not been turned back. I agree, the term is WAY overused.
  2. I seriously considered a Charger before I bought my 05 LeSabre. The plasticky feel of the interior just turned me off (same goes for Chrysler 300) The Buick was more comfortable to me. RWD is great for some people, but I just don't have to have it. After 2 trouble free Buicks(85 PA, 95 PA) I saw no reason not to get another. Besides no one else offers a color like Crimson Pearl (except Cadillac)
  3. I may just do that. How do I contact him? Thank you!
  4. I see that The National Weather Service has issued a flood watch for the Hershey area, with 2-3 inches, or as much as 5 inches of rain in the next few days. That's too bad. After 2 dry years, we are back to the "regular" weather pattern. (To: JWH, I was looking forward to seeing the "new" you)
  5. I have definately noticed a downward trend in car show attendance this year, even on nice days. Gas prices?, Too much of a good thing? Who knows The way the weather forecast looks for Hershey this weekend, I probably will NOT be there, sad to say. I am registered for the car show, going for repeat preservation.
  6. January 1974 I took my driving test in a 1967 Chevy Nova wagon, 283/PG, manual steering and brakes which I purchased from a neighbor who was moving to Germany. I paid $120.00 for it. It was the same day as my grandmother's funeral. A family friend went with me. With the popularity of 60's wagons now, I wish I still had it.
  7. Always a highlight getting my Antique Automobile. I hope to meet you at Hershey.
  8. West, I am impressed! We are fortunate having you as our editor.
  9. My local Buick dealer is just about out of 2005 models, with the exception of a few Lacrosses. He said he could sell more if he had more. His NEW car showroom has 75% used cars displayed. (Buicks of course)
  10. Steve, I have been going to the car connection for a while now, usually informative. Even though my heart is with the "OLD", I like to see what is going in with the "NEW".
  11. You think that's confusing, how about the Chevelle that they called a Pontiac Beaumont in Canada (in the 60's), or the other Pontiacs they sold in Canada like the Parisienne, with Chevrolet engines...or the Chevy Nova/Pontiac Acadian and so on....
  12. The published reports that I read in several places stated that it is French street slang for "you know what". I searched under "lacrosse name change canada" and several reports/stories came up (no pun intended)
  13. Great presentation! It is amazing that Lacrosse is a worldwide sport, and they had to change the name in Canada because it is French slang for male self gratification???
  14. This is getting very mysterious.....According to Art, the El Morocco sounds closer in theory & production to the Custom Cloud than originally thought. If Art is correct, the El Morocco was shut down by GM. I understand that the Custom Cloud was shut down by a lawsuit from Rolls Royce (or the threat of a lawsuit)
  15. Joe, I guess that you are ordering Cardinal Red, the only non-bland color. I love my new LeSabre Limited Celebration Edition in Crimsom Pearl, looks great with the chrome wheels!
  16. The Buick Terraza is selling better (marginally) than the Pontiac Montana SV6 and Saturn Relay (Year to date/and this month). With the restructuring of Buick/Pontiac/GMC, GM says that this is one of the vehicles that does NOT fit the core of Buick. Granted, these are not huge numbers compared to other GM vehicles, but does it really make sense to cancel the Terraza when it is gaining momentum?(Increased from 801 per month in Jan. to 2985 per month in July) I am anxious to see how the NEW Lucerne is accepted by the buying public. All indications are that it is a really good car, but I will reserve judgement until I see one. (By the way, Buick still sold more cars than Lexis last year/2004) Buick 309,639 Lexis 287,927 (All sales numbers are from www.media.gm.com )
  17. Steve, Thanks, I am well aware of what goes on with the auto industry with Hurst Olds, Cadillac Allante (with Pininfarina bodies) convertible conversions such as the 80's Eldorados & Rivieras, etc., but was not sure how such cars (mainly the El Morocco & Custom Cloud) fit in with AACA. Some of my friends call me an automotive encyclopedia. I have been following the cars on the street and identifying them since the early sixties when I was 4 or 5 years old. As usual, this forum has a wealth of information freely given. Thank you again!!
  18. Howard, I see that since the El Morocco was supported by GM and sold by Chevrolet dealers it was approved for AACA class judging, even though it was modified by an outside party. The Custom Cloud would almost fall under the "kit car" category that is NOT supported by AACA. Thank you for the explanation.
  19. It looks like the "ME TOO" bandwagon has taken a little bit of wind out of GM's sails(sales?) but are still up 20% over July 2004. Buick up 20.4% on strong Lacrosse sales(79% higher than last year's combined Century & Regal sales). Ford up 29% and Chrysler up 32%. GM announced that they are extending the discount program another month, contrary to prior reports. I don't know how they can maintain these sales levels when they are running out of 2005 models to sell. With Ford & Chrysler extending their programs, they had no choice but to continue if they are to remain competitive. I am glad to see ALL domestic automakers benefiting with increased sales (even though Chrysler is not American anymore)
  20. Steve, Thanks for comfirming that. I only thought of the Custom Cloud after reading the Old Cars article.
  21. Would a Custom Cloud be in the same Class 35A, and was one ever shown at a National AACA meet?
  22. Steve, Thank you for the response. The article states that they were produced by Allender and Co. in Detroit. Were they then sent back to Chevrolet to sell through their dealers?
  23. Old Cars Weekly Aug. 4, 2005 has a story about the AACA Central Spring Meet June 17-18 in Rochester, MN. They picture a 1957 El Morocco (Chevrolet converted to Fake Cadillac) that won a First Junior Award. This certainly does not compete with the real 1957 Chevrolets, or does it? What class would it be in? It seems 200 were converted at that time. Would the 1976 Custom Cloud (Monte Carlo converted to Fake Rolls Royce) be in a similar class? I understand that they made several hundred Custom Clouds until they were sued by Rolls Royce.
  24. The preliminary figures show that GM is maintaining the June sales momentum into July, but they are running out of some of the more popular models. Their goal of reducing inventories seems to be on target.
  25. That's strange, I log on today and get the OLD page.
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