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  1. 1 - 2005 Buick LeSabre Limited 2 - <5000 3 - 20? never really checked 4 - NO 5 - NO 6 - No long term payback proven, especially when you consider the battery replacement cost. 7 - Yes, I would consider it with the cleaner diesel fuels and no big up-front premium price.
  2. Thank you John, some day I will learn how to do that. Greg
  3. I don't know how to link it, but cnnmoney.com (click on autos, click on reviews)has a GLOWING review for the Lucerne. So much for the LA Times......
  4. I guess Buick bashing is in vogue for the un-informed. The sad part is that many people will read that newspaper and take it as 100% accurate. Yes there is truth in the article, but not one positive was mentioned. Buick has a long way to go, but with the Lacrosse & Lucerne, and the soon to be here Enclave SUV, the future is looking up.
  5. John, I am sorry about your unfortunate incident. I am glad there were no injuries. I hope to see you this year, but likely not in the spring. I am home recuperating from surgery on the 17th, and will be home from work for a few weeks, with about 2 months of restricted physical activity. Still hoping to be at the AGNM in Delaware. Best wishes, Greg
  6. At least Buick has more of an identity than Mercury. Very little of any Mercury is different from the Ford on which it is based.
  7. Pete O, .....and your point is??? A Lexis is a modified Toyota every manufacturer shares components! variablepitch, good luck with your new car. According to a recent news report, the Lucernes are flying off the lots in 18 days, when the industry average is 58 days As a point of comparison, Dodge Magnums take an average of 192 days to sell, Honda Civics 13 days.
  8. Still no sign of it here in New Jersey either.
  9. Of the 66 to 70's, I prefer the 1970 model, especially with the full skirts. Post a picture if you can. Good luck with your new acquisition.
  10. There are not many who are more "Pro GM" than I am. Over tha last 33 years, I have owned ONLY GM cars. I was just telling my brother, who drives only Hondas that my wife's 2000 Chevrolet Venture has been problem free, not one visit back to the dealer for repair in more than 5 years since new. So much for my string of good luck. The 3.4L V-6 has just been repaired with a new intake manifold gasket ($850.00 approx) Keep in mind that the mileage is ONLY 21000(Yes 21 thousand) It seems that GM has been installing defective gaskets for years and the problem has been widespread. RECALL...NEVER, just let the customer pay for it. I guess I am lucky that this is the worst I have experienced over the years. Granted, my the brother's Hondas have NOT been without problems with expenses out of his pocket. So much for the rant......I still absolutely love my new Buick.
  11. I will be taping ALL 33 hours of the auction. Taking out the commercials and idle chit-chat and non-sensical conversations, I can probably watch it in 10 hours!!
  12. $1.97 reg $2.24 prem at the no name gas station, Central NJ
  13. If it had 4-doors, it would be a chicken sedan. By the way "BOB" looks great! Love that red & white color combination, with the 4-door hardtop body style!
  14. My local Buick dealer in Westfield, NJ had 5 Lucernes when I stopped by last week, a nice range from $28,000 to a fully loaded $40,000. I will be going to the presentation on the 13th. I have seen more TV, print, and radio advertising for the Lucerne than I have seen for ANY Buick in ages. This is just the car Buick needs to get back on its feet. Hmmmm, now how about that convertible?
  15. I have seen several Lucerne TV ads, very impressive presentation. The first I saw was during the Macy*s parade on Thanksgiving. From what I read, they are planning on a big TV ad campaign.
  16. I apologize, it was not meant as derogatory. That being said, if the car is not built in the USA, by American workers, by an American company (sorry Chrysler doesn't qualify anymore) I will not buy it. I know this limits my choices, but so be it.
  17. It's amazing how much the media can help to make or break a business. They have drilled into the customer that USA cars are garbage, and japanese cars are better than sex. To those foreign cars drivers, I hope the next job lost is yours. Definition of hypocrite: "driving a toyota with an "I love USA" sticker" Sad, isn't it........ (By the way, I am not now, nor have I ever been employed by, or directly associated with the automotive industry)
  18. Either way, they are ugly as sin......right down there with the Honda Ugly-ment.
  19. Color can make a HUGE difference. How about one in in Crimson Pearl? I will reserve judgement until I actually see one in person.
  20. I am glad to hear that it seems to be resolved. I am on my third 3800 Buick V6, with the previous 2 going well over 200,000 miles without major problems.
  21. That is encouraging. Maybe that's why the Lucernes go out as soon as they hit the local dealer? I was 28 when I bought my first Park Avenue in 1985, much younger than the average Buick buyer.
  22. Any new Lucerne buyers out there, and any comments? Has anyone seen one in person? I have not. My local Buick dealer had several, but they are all sold.
  23. DizzyDale, I never clean my gas & brake pedals............ I place old socks over them when I drive it. My wife just shakes her head in amazement!
  24. Sorry to hear about another club giving in to pressure. Preservation and restoration are what I want. There are plenty of clubs out there for rods & modifieds. AACA and VCCA, DO NOT CHANGE!!! That is why I am a member.
  25. I don't know about the sense of humor, but if it's like mine, it makes no sense?? What I do know is West has been a GREAT editor, and that is what really matters.
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