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  1. Being that this will be my first showing of my vehicle at an AACA National Meet, I ask a little advice. It is likely that I will driving to the meet in the rain on Saturday. Will I be penalized for road dirt accumulated on the way? I will do my best to clean it up upon arrival, but there may be dirt on the undercarriage. Is there a water source for car washing? I generally do not drive in the rain, but attending this meet is a personal goal. I have a "First Senior" award from VCCA and am trying for a "First Junior" at Carlisle. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you, Gregory Roser
  2. John,<BR>Yes I would like to show a vehicle,<BR>1972 Monte Carlo (VCCA Senior Award winner)<BR>but I do not even have my AACA membership<BR>number yet as I just mailed the application<BR>10 days ago. Is there a registration form for<BR>the meet that can be faxed or E-mailed to me<BR>so I can return it by overnight mail.<BR>Please advise as I am anxious as I have only 3 days to resolve until the 16th deadline.<BR>Thank you,<BR>Greg
  3. Thank you for the response.<BR>I will try to get an answer from them today.<BR>Greg
  4. I have just last week mailed my AACA<BR>membership application. I was thinking <BR>about going to Hershey this year, but I <BR>know the deadline is soon, BUT WHEN?<BR>Thanks,<BR>Greg
  5. Frank,<BR>I was there also, for the second year. <BR>It will continue to be a "MUST" event<BR>on my calendar. I agree, it was very hot.<BR>I only made it to 1:30 before I left.<BR>Next year we bring the swimming attire,<BR>so my wife & children can go swimming.<BR>I did not see everything either, and<BR>would have stayed longer if I was by<BR>myself. However, the family's well being<BR>comes first.<BR>Greg
  6. John,<BR>Thanks for the response. I had trouble finding this info on the web site, even though I am sure it is here. I am looking<BR>forward to meeting you and Cindy at the<BR>VCCA meet. I hope to speak to you more then,<BR>in between my judging responsibilities.<BR>Are you judging? If so I will see you at<BR>the judges breakfast.<BR>I was at Macungie, Pa yesterday. I thought<BR>I might see you there. I try to make it<BR>an annual event for the family.<BR>Thanks,<BR>Greg
  7. Hello,<BR>I am mailing my AACA membership application<BR>and am interested in some of the local NJ Regions. My car is a 1972 Monte Carlo,<BR>VCCA 1st Junior, going for 1st Senior this<BR>week. Any feedback from NJ region members<BR>is greatly appreciated.<BR>Thank you,<BR>Greg
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