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  1. I need a new windshield in my 88. Worked through my insurance co, glass shop ordered windshield and was told it would take 90 days to get. When it came in it was flawed so had to be re-ordered. Meanwhile we headed south for the winter so won't know anything till we get back in March. Was not told what company the glass was coming from, just that it was back east. If I remember correctly, they said around $1200. With my deductible it will cost me $50.
  2. Many good points above. I fell in love with the car when it was first introduced and I saw it at a car show in Portland, Oregon. At the time it was priced totally out of my league but I swore I would have one some day. I now have an early 88 with the suede seat bolsters (got a gold for it at the Portland national meet) and would love to find a Select 60 vert to go with it that I could afford. For me the car isn't so much an investment as it is a personal passion. I do wish it was blessed with more power, that would make it more desirable. I think the styling is timeless and the advanced features are still timely and will remain so. A lot of people that see it think it is a new car and are astounded that it is over 20 years old.
  3. Well as chance would have it, I need a new windshield too. The outfit that is going to replace it said they had two available here in Oregon last week, but by time I got the insurance company going on it a week later, they were gone. Now I have to wait about 8 weeks for one to come from Ohio. And the car is going to be judged this weekend in Portland at the BCA meet. GRRRRR!!!!
  4. Back after a long hiatas. Interesting to find this thread on my return as I would love to have someone 'dump' a 91 vert on me. It would have to be 'dumped' as we will be spending all our money being snowbirds this winter. Oh well! As they say, don't cost nuttin ta dreem.
  5. Does that work on all years or just 90 and 91? Mine is an early 88 and I have not tried that. The 88 also does not have a key fob remote. Have been away a long time and need to 'catch' up on all the goings on.
  6. Does that work on all years or just 90 and 91? Mine is an early 88 and I have not tried that. The 88 also does not have a key fob remote. Have been away a long time and need to 'catch' up on all the goings on.
  7. Haven't been on the forum in some time so guess I'll re introduce myself. I'm Jim Stagl, aka Reatta1, live in central Oregon and own a 88 early (suede bolsters) black Reatta nicknamed 'Black Beauty'. Other Buicks I own are a 66 LeSabre convertible, 93 Regal custom coupe and a 01 Park Avenue. Last meet I went to was the National in Colorado Springs where the Reatta garnered a silver award. The convertible is a work in prrocess and sometime in the not too distant future I hope to take it to a meet.
  8. Would like to be there as well, but finances just won't allow. Will miss seeing you Chuck, and the other Reatta guys. Jim
  9. I find that HF is just like any other place. You have to be choosy in what your intentional use of the product is. I've bought many items there that are as good as any other product. Check out the 'manufatured in' stamp on items or tools you purchase at Sears, Home Depot, Lowes or any other distributor and you will fgind they are all made in China or Taiwan or some such place. If I'm going to use a tool hard and heavy, I'll go to Sears, Home Depot or Lowes. If It's only going to get occasional use, I'll get it at HF and save a bunch of money.
  10. I'd get some velcro strips without adhesive and use a 3M upholstery adhesive to attach it. If you can't find that then a GOOD industrial contact cement should work well.
  11. I only want to know if you can make the bug bigger and have it crawl all over the screen instead of that little tiny box you have it trapped in.
  12. You just can't beat the Reatta for a road trip car. We are currently on our way home from the BCA National in Colorado Springs. I fueled in Springs this morning, drove 499 miles to Evanston Wyoming where I fueled again. Computer said I still had 38 miles of range left and made an average of 28.3 mpg at an average speed of 66.7 mph and an elapsed time of 7 hrs 37 miniutes. This drive reaches an elevation of over 7,500 ft. We were averaging 31.5 mpg for the leg from Springs to Fort Collins. After that we started climbing and the average reflects that gain in elevation. What a great car!!
  13. 40series, I took note of your mention of parts and parts cars in the '57 to '66 range. I am currently working on a '66 LeSabre convertible and also pursuing a '59 Invicta 2dr hardtop. What do you have in that area. I live on Crooked River Ranch in central Oregon.
  14. I'd love to join some of you guys along the way, but we aren't leaving till Tuesday morning. Catching I84 in Ontario, OR and going through Salt Lake, across southern Wyoming and down through Denver to C. Springs, arriving sometime Thursday mid day so we can join the Reatta rendezvous with our 88 Reatta.
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