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  1. What makes you think it's for a 1933 President? What's the name on the lense at the bottom? Exact size? And last but not least the price?? 32stude
  2. I have the opportunity to buy a 1927 Fiat model 509 roadster. This car was restored years ago and kept in running condition . It has nice presentation, body, paint, chrome and upolstery are in acceptable condition.I was told to make an offer. My problem is that I have no idea of its value and Cannot find any information about this cars value. My object is to make a fair offer because I would like to own the auto. Any information about a ball park figure would be appreciated 32stude
  3. Do I have to go to Hershey to first find out the price of these items, why not post the prices now? I know you won't hold anything, I've tried that route before. At least you should let us know the price you want for these items. This way nobody wastes their time searching for you only to find out they're to expensive or you've sold them already.
  4. my zip code is 11746 , the tires weigh 25 lbs each, I don't know your zip, cheapest shipping is parcel post with the USPS.
  5. Tires are in good shape, Located in Huntington Long Island New York zip code 11746
  6. Used less than 1500 miles. Two Denman 5.25 5.50 x 18 whitewall tires. $40 each
  7. I have one that will fit your car 917 562 8369
  8. Things are usually worth what someone will pay you for it, I'll give you $50 for the engine if you deliver it to New York City
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