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  1. Searching for old material to install on your all original car to make it more original? My brain is going to explode.
  2. We likely are related though distantly. Our branch of the family immigrated from Germany to this area of PA prior to 1811.
  3. Are you from PA ? If so we are likely related somehow. Hammer is not the most common last name. Mine is Hammers with an s but that's only because Mom thought the name sounded better as Hammers so that's what she put on my birth certificate.
  4. First you should decide whether your primary interest is in driving and maintaining an early car or is it more in the area of rescuing an early car needing work and making it "all that it can be". We have found that many folks enjoy the hunt for an old car, the hunt for parts, and the restoration of an old car to be more interesting and enjoyable than actually owning, driving and maintaining the car. We showed a car at Hershey last year that was the 5th full frame up show quality restoration we have done for the same fellow. His enjoyment came from buying cars that seldom are treated to a full show restoration, having them restored then selling them on at usually about 1/2 what they cost to restore. Obviously not something many can do but it is good to know what your motivation is before you start. If your desire is to drive an old car then by all means buy the best example you can find of the car you desire. I own a few cars, none of which are actually drivable simply because I enjoy working on various cars and solving problems far more than I enjoy driving and maintaining a car, As they say, different strokes for different folks.
  5. We learned a long time ago to always tell clients the truth, even when it hurts. I was an expert witness in two jury trials where folks sued restoration shops for billing for work that was not done.
  6. Which is why we never ask for a deposit up front. We do a month's work and bill for it. There is another problem that all resto shops face...mission creep. Cars enter our shop for, let's say, some relatively minor body work. We start on the car then the owner calls and says "As long as we are doing this body work we might as well rebuild the engine/mount 4 new tires/spruce up the upholstery/whatever". Makes it very difficult to schedule work. When push comes to shove the tendency is to focus on the full show restorations and let the partials wait if need be. Very difficult to find additional employees with any skill these days.
  7. Which we will be starting on this month or the beginning of next at the latest !
  8. Years ago at Hershey there was a freshly restored RR on a rollback in the old Blue Field. The truck had sideswiped another vehicle on its way to the show, ripping the crap out of the right side of the Rolls. The left side was still in perfect condition. As the rules for judging now stand there would have been no deduction for damage that happened on the way to the show. Wish I had a picture.
  9. We are looking to hire 1 or 2 new employees to join our crew. We need another person with mechanical skills and another for bodywork and painting. Contrary to what we've all heard the antique car hobby is not dead. We are busier than we have ever been in 42 years. We are located in zip code 17327 in the York, PA area. If you are reasonably local, take pride in your work and are capable of doing National Award winning quality work you may be the person for us. PM for more info. We are an equal opportunity employer. Salary based on experience. Before you ask, I did check with the powers that be and they said a help wanted ad on the forum would be perfectly acceptable.
  10. I used to enjoy sandblasting as well. Nearly instant gratification. We have sandblasted everything from cement mixers to Duesenberg parts (yes, Dues parts).
  11. Would it be permissible for us to mention casually that our restoration shop is actively seeking several new employees?
  12. Believe it or not our least favorite task is documenting what we do and invoicing clients at the end of the month. Paperwork is no fun.
  13. My uncle would have celebrated his 18th birthday on the beach had the invasion not been delayed due to weather. June 6th he turned 93 and is doing well.
  14. Several of these stainless steel cars were exhibited at Carlisle many years ago. I found it amusing that the floor pans, the areas most prone to rust, were not stainless. They were just an advertisement for the steel company and there was no thought of actually using stainless to build car bodies. At least not then.
  15. Cunifer is also available from McMaster-Carr Supply.