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  1. Or make your cheeks hurt from clinching them so tightly when you thought you were going to take a tumble.
  2. You are right, installing those covers is a "process". We just glued one up this morning. I counted 25 clamps. Covers cost $1400 so you don't want to screw it up. The ones on the car were new in the '90s but they were cracked up and missing chunks.
  3. I hope Dan Short doesn't call himself a restorer, cause he ain't IMHO.
  4. You can buy a WWII Jeep still covered in cosmolene and in the crate it was shipped in if you can only make the right connections.
  5. My current ( no pun intended) theory is that when the shop sent the armature out for rewinding it was rewound as if it were 12 volt. I am still amazed that an 8 starter would spin the 12 like it did. We ran the engine for a time and it sounds great. The owner has owned the car now for maybe 3-4 months but hasn't seen it. Hopefully the starter problem will be resolved and we can deliver the car. Only other thing we were to do to the car was replace the deteriorated runningboard rubber.
  6. The aggravation continues but there is progress to report. On a whim we pulled the starter from a '34 8 I have. Much smaller starter but the same Bendix and same size snout. Guess what...that '34 Standard 8 starter spins that 12 engine over very smartly. This tells us the problem is still with the 12 starter even though it was rebuilt, armature rewound and align bored. Rebuild shop is embarrassed. Just dropped it off. We will see what we will see.
  7. "My Grandfather had a Packard but it was a a Straight 12".
  8. As a teenager I rode with a friend from York, PA to Reading PA. He had heard of a Corvette that was for sale for $500 because a guy had died in it and no one could get rid of the smell. We inquired at the police station in Reading and were laughed at.
  9. Starter was totally rebuilt, actually twice. We even had it align bored. Tested out fine. It's looking more and more like the engine is still tight though it was driven on one of the tours at Pebble Beach in 2010, or so we are told. When the car arrived here the transporter said it wouldn't start and they had had to winch it onto the truck. We assume it drove across the podium at the auction. We may try starting it on 12 volts so we can run it a bit. No idea if the timing/water pump cover was changed. We recently went thru that with a '39 12, also an auction car. We are also going to loosen the belts in case the water pump is dragging. Nevertheless, she's a beautiful car. '34 12 Conv Victoria.
  10. If you have to stand up might as well walk.
  11. Supposed to crank at 150 rpm. Cranks now at maybe 50 rpm or less.
  12. We bypassed the disconnect switch earlier. No change. Looking now at the main battery to starter solenoid cable. Appears new but theoretically could be corroded internally.
  13. Need advice . We have a fully restored '34 12 here that our client bought at auction. We did not restore the car. It won Best in Class at Pebble in the 1990's and has been run very very few miles since, only 300. Engine will not crank over fast enough to start. We installed a 1000 cranking power battery, changed cables to 2-0 and ran a ground direct to the starter. Also had the starter fully rebuilt. Cranks fine with the plugs out but with plugs in will only turn over very slowly, way too slow to start. What are we missing? Any Silverbacks who can help? We're pulling our hair out. Almost has to be the starter but that has been fully rebuilt by a very reputable local shop and checked under load and tests out fine. Anyone have a spare '34 12 starter laying around?
  14. Looks like a Buick part that someone repurposed as an anchor.
  15. Many years ago, maybe 18 or so, the Rolls Royce Club scheduled a tour somewhere out of the US, I'm thinking Australia or New Zealand. Anyway the gist of the tale is this. The club contracted with a shipping company to transport the dozen or so Rolls Royces by ship. Ship left port but didn't arrive at its destination on time or even late. After some time passed the ship was found anchored at port in Singapore if memory serves. The shipping company had gone bankrupt and the crew had abandoned the ship. For several months the ship languished in port while the club tried to find a way to retrieve their cars which of course were tied up in the bankruptcy proceedings. At the time the founder of Friendlys restaurants was active in the club and his car was on board. He had sold Friendlys to Coke so he was awash in cash. There was talk of having him buy the shipping company. Finally after months of aggravation the cars were released. I'm sure someone here will have additions/corrections to this tale.
  16. Happily I found a hood in excellent condition. Thanks! I do know Bruce.
  17. We restored the car in the 1990's. Saw Shappy driving it at Hershey last year or the year before. I also would be interested in where it is now. If you're interested in the provenance of that car just contact me.
  18. I would prefer that next year we start Hershey a week earlier and make it a two week affair. I can picture Steve M pulling his hair out.
  19. We can certainly steam bend a set for you if you can find patterns. We can also do them from sketches and measurements but we can only make them as accurate as the drawings and measurements.
  20. I have seldom been as frustrated as I was trying to get a pair of '31 Cadillac V-12 carbs operating properly.
  21. We do a lot of our upholstery work on a Singer that was built in 1949 and has been in the family since new. We have a much newer machine but I prefer the old Singer. Surprisingly parts are still available and we keep it in good shape. Remind me to tell you how my totally blind grandma taught me to sew.
  22. Dad was in the tire business. His Ramp Side was great for transporting heavy truck tires.