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  1. We installed one of these covers less than a year ago and they are very well made. Highly recommended.
  2. I am trying to talk the owner of the '34 12 we just fixed the starter on to buy a new timing cover and put in on the shelf "just in case". Repros may not be available in the future. Who knows?
  3. The above perfectly explains why I have a '55 XK140 Drophead home in the garage where it has been for 51 years and I have not touched it in all these years.
  4. Happily we are in an industrial park and we can drive it almost a mile without ever actually getting out on the hiway. Son just took me for a ride and the car performs very nicely. Trans is absolutely silent, the temp stays around 160-180, the brakes work very well and the oil pressure is good. I'm impressed, especially since it was an auction car. Still shaking my head over that starter.
  5. Only one happier than us is the owner. He paid big bucks for this car 4 months ago and has yet to actually see it in person. We will put 30-50 miles on it and if nothing else turns up we will deliver it. Beautiful car.
  6. Some of you have been following our ordeal with a '34 Packard 12 starter. Believe it or not the problem was with the type brushes the rebuilder used. When the rebuilder received the starter it had carbon brushes in it so he replaced them with new carbon brushes. This time when we returned the starter we sent along a Standard 8 starter for reference. The rebuilder noticed the Standard starter had brushes that were a carbon/copper mix. He replaced the carbon brushes with new brushes with a similar carbon/copper mix and they made all the difference. Starter works great now and the 12 is running as I type. Thanks to everyone for the tips and advice.
  7. Don't believe everything you read. We have been restoring professionally for 42 years and are busier now than ever and we hear the same from other restoration shops. We recently booked 3 new complete frame up restos (a '21, a'16, a '58 and a '57) and have had more calls for work in the last year than I can remember. We recently hired another mechanic and another painter/bodyman.
  8. As well as a brutally honest "guesstimate" of restoration costs based on our restoring numerous and varied cars over the last 42 years.
  9. Bucket O' I will forward to you a long note I sent to another person asking about the car. Any questions better to e-mail me at or phone me at 717-515-8617 for particulars re restoration costs. The car is available as outright sale or we would happily restore it to Concours condition for a buyer. Bear in mind I am not in any way a car salesman so you can expect a brutally honest description of the car.
  10. If he paid $80k just to have a car rewooded he was ripped. Last '32 Packard conv we rewooded was less than $20k including some metal work.
  11. Still available. It was missing the hood sided panels but we found those, in excellent condition. For sale outright or we will restore all or part of it for the buyer.
  12. The shape of the leather used on a cone clutch is a "frustrum", which is a section thru a cone. And so ends the " word of the day".
  13. No problem finding a harness maker here in PA Dutch Country. We use an Amish harness maker in Intercourse, PA any time we need leather straps for sidemounts or such.
  14. No Bonded Titles in PA. Closest is a Court Ordered Title which basically requires an attorney, $700-$1000, and a year's time, assuming upon investigation the Court deems a new title appropriate.
  15. PA is a bureaucratic nightmare. We have a client from France who wanted us to have his cars titled in PA so we could take care of the paperwork. Turns out to title a car in PA you must have proof of PA residence.
  16. No. Like I said the car cranks and starts just fine with a '34 Standard 8 starter so the problem is with the 12 starter not the engine.
  17. Steve, a big THANK YOU for the job you have been doing. I doubt your job description said anything about what you have faced the last few months. As they say you can please some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time but you cannot please all the people all the time.
  18. I learned years ago that the inside of the cow goes on the outside of the clutch. Same with flat leather fan belts. At shows it is common to see belts installed incorrectly.
  19. As have we. Took a year and $800. I guess technically your car is still owned by the dealer's estate. I'm guessing you will need a lawyer. We also recommend Shook Legal.
  20. Definitely not a grounding problem. Even with short 20" cables going directly from a 1000 amp hr battery to the starter it cranks the same. Starter is back at the rebuilder's for another look. I am still surprised that a Standard 8 '34 starter spun it over just fine.
  21. Not in PA. You have a real problem on your hands.
  22. Seeking convertible top valve assembly (valve on firewall and rod that comes thru dash), trunk prop conv only, several top irons for rear of top or the loan of originals we can copy and fuse panel so we can have a new harness made.