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  1. I have 2 replaced knees as the result of a hit and run traffic accident when I was 19. Take my advice and do ALL the recommended therapy sessions for your knee. One of the last times I judged Hershey there were 5 replaced knees on my team.
  2. For a year after college I worked in a boiler factory. A tow motor driver managed to tip over and break the valve off a large oxygen tank. Like a torpedo that tank shot the full length of the factory, maybe 200 feet or more. Luckily it missed everyone and everything and ended up going thru the open overhead door and stopping outside in the yard.
  3. Over the years I have made a bit of a hobby checking the inspection dates on acetylene and oxygen cylinders that come thru our shop. So far the earliest date I have found is 1917, maybe 20 years ago.
  4. You have no idea how much I wish I could judge G Burg and Hershey but it's tough to judge when you cannot walk more than 50 yards without great pain.
  5. Just let me know. Lancaster is an easy 35 minute drive. We are there quite often.
  6. Rust free? I have never seen such an animal. First wife and I had 3 MGs over 10 years and ran the wheels off of them as daily drivers. Great fun cars and a great price if I were younger.
  7. I can pick up, pack and ship your lit if the seller can load it in my vehicle. I have a bit of a handicap and have trouble carrying heavy boxes etc. I'll bring in back to the shop and we will pack it up. Of course I might have to look at what's there a I went to school in Lancaster and my wife is a Lancaster girl.
  8. Car runs and is complete with all woodie specific parts. Wood has been disassembled and needs to be replaced. Price includes about 50% new wood that we fabricated. Asking $17500 which is less than the cost of the new ash wood pieces. Pics are problematic. Car is nosed into my garage and all the wood, old and new, is stacked on it. Great project for an experienced wood worker.
  9. Saurkraut and pork is a traditional New Years Day dinner for us in PA Dutch country. My phone autocorrected "saurkraut" to "Charles Krauthammer".
  10. Our first was '68. We would walk the entire flea market in the morning, have lunch back in the camper then walk the entire field again in the afternoon. Still wish we had bought that unrestored '29 Cadillac phaeton but Dad thought the $6000 asking price was too high.
  11. When I was 15 or so I used to sneak drives in Dad's '64 Cadillac Deville up and down the alley behind our house, maybe 2 miles or so. When I returned I would jack the rear wheels off the ground, put the trans in reverse and watch the odometer 'til it was back to where I started. Dad never caught on.
  12. I encourage everyone to read Steve Moskowitz' column in the latest issue for a well thought out and well written view "from the trenches". No one will miss the Hershey flea market more than I will but AACA has made the correct but difficult decisions re meet and tour cancellations due to Covid 19. I would not under any circumstances want Steve's job this year. I am proud of how AACA has responded to this pandemic and think everyone should support the club and the decisions that had to be made, now more than ever.` All storms eventually pass and this one will also.
  13. And another reason I'm happy to live just 45 minutes from Hershey though I would like to spend a night at the lodge just for the experience.
  14. Have a friend who worked for a local Dodge dealership in the 1970's. One of his daily responsibility was to hook up and turn on the "black box" that rolled back about 2000 miles overnight . I am still leery of cars with 42k miles on the odometer. For some reason 42k was the usual rollback goal.
  15. OK, I am a Senior Master Judge so I will weigh in again. The deduction would likely be minor but the rules are clear. Any dealer installed but not factory authorized option calls for a deduction. Paint. tires and a few other items are exempted from this rule as long as they "appear as original". Exact reproduction tires are often not available and lacquer paint is pretty much gone. If I were judging the car and there was no evidence of plugs and the undercoating was applied in a professional manor I likely would not deduct but bear in mind that documentation of options is the responsibility of the owner if questioned.
  16. All wood has been disassembled and is good for patterns only. Included is much new wood, maybe 1/2 of all wood required. Wood was professionally cut using ash as original. Car runs well and is complete including all woodie specific door handles, latches etc. but requires full restoration. Pics are problematic as the car was nosed into my garage and all the wood, both original and new is piled up on it. Car is located in South Central PA and has a good title. Asking $17500 which is less than the cost to have the new wood fabricated.
  17. Nice car. The landau irons are mounted upside down and backwards, a common mistake.
  18. We thoroughly road test any resto leaving our shop but still we advise our clients to first drive the car around the block. If nothing breaks/ seizes up/ falls off then drive it 5 miles or so to the ice cream shop. Then 10 miles, then 50 etc. Matt is 100% correct. Only driving will bring the gremlins out of their hiding places.
  19. Actually you are mistaken. Dealer installed options are allowed ONLY if factory authorized.
  20. I listed some very early VW parts on SAMBA and had 2 scam offers within 20 minutes of posting.
  21. I was contacted by a person overseas whose job was transferring him to my area. He asked if I would find him an apartment. He would send a check for $2500. I was to cash the check and keep $250 for my troubles and give the rest to his "friend" who would stop by, pick up the $2250 and pay the security deposit and first month's rent. Just another variation on the same old scam.
  22. Wife and I had lunch in North East, Md Monday. We were at Mrs Henry's farm maybe 25 years ago. She really liked driving her Packards.
  23. We highly recommend the timing covers. They are a complex casting, not easy to reproduce and machine.
  24. Different time. I did archaeology in Israel at the Biblical site of Ashdod. The layer I worked in dated from 1500 B.C. We excavated the remains of a lady's dressing room and apparently she shopped for ivory make up tools as well as an ivory box to keep them in. The more things change the more they stay the same. We also found a 24 carat gold medallion that likely graced a lady's gown 3500 years ago. Then as now folks are attracted to shiny things.